Spain: Apply the metaverse and AI to grazing


The  Metaverse  and Artificial Intelligence have joined in  FIGAN 2023  to revolutionize grazing. Nofence technology will be presented for the first time at the leading livestock fair in  Spain . Offering an innovative virtual fencing system for herd control.


This is based on collars with geolocation that allows animals to be monitored at any time, from anywhere.


The system is designed around a GPS-enabled cattle collar, powered by   solar power and a virtual perimeter. The collar communicates with a simple application through a mobile network, which allows the farmer to define the area and build the virtual fence from the Nofence application.



By placing the collar on the animal, the farmer defines the pasture areas by sliding his finger from the mobile application. When the animals approach the limits of the defined passage area, the collars emit a musical sound and the animals quickly move backwards.


Pastoring from a mobile application


This technology allows the farmer to monitor in real time the location of the animals and provide access to new areas of fresh pasture whenever they want. Only by moving the virtual billboards through the mobile application. In addition, the application has an alert system that sends a notification to the mobile device in the event of any incident.


Nofence technology is a great advantage for farmers in terms of time management and cost reduction, since it avoids having to check the proper functioning of the physical fence. In the forestry field, it also represents an ideal tool for a more sustainable management. This would be so since it allows the access of the animals to corners that were previously impassable due to the physical fencing and, therefore, to reduce the fuel load of the forests.


In this regard, Lucía Ribagorda, Business Developer of Nofence in Spain comments the following:


"Nofence is a key tool for the future of extensive grazing, as it allows animals to feed freely in meadows and forests, without the need to be limited by physical or electrical fencing."


Possibilities of AI and the metaverse for the agri-food sector


From the point of view of the agri-food sector, Nofence is a revolutionary technology that offers great advantages for the livestock sector. Real-time monitoring and virtual fencing management from anywhere using a mobile application allow farmers to optimize their time and resources.


In addition, technology is a key tool for the sustainable management of the territory and the reduction of the fuel load of forests. In this way, Nofence is emerging as an essential tool for the future of extensive grazing.


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse can bring great added value to the sector, by monitoring and managing crops and animals more efficiently and accurately. AI can provide accurate data analysis and recommendations based on the information collected. Which would allow farmers and ranchers to make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of their operations.


In addition, the use of the metaverse, an online virtual space in which people can interact with each other and with virtual objects. Allowing the creation of digital models that can assist in crop planning and simulation of what-if situations to improve decision making.


Technology can also help meet the challenges of climate change and scarcity of resources. Facilitating a more efficient and sustainable management of crops and water resources. For example, IoT sensors and AI can be used to monitor soil quality, water use and crop health. The information obtained can be processed and used to improve crop yields and reduce the unnecessary use of resources.

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