Opera will allow users to convert any media file into an NFT for free


In order to make it simple for newcomers to the Web3 or NFT arena to mint NFTs, Opera disclosed that it has teamed with Alteon LaunchPad. Users will have access to a feature that lets them dump media files into the browser, which then converts the files into NFTs by writing a smart contract and uploading them to a blockchain. 


Users will be able to explore Web3 and contribute to the ecosystem, according to Opera Executive Susie Batt. She asserted that consumers will be able to easily and instantly build NFTs without having to pay platform usage costs, enticing more individuals to explore the developing NFT market.


“Now, our users will be able to create NFTs instantly and simply with no platform usage fees, encouraging more people to explore the burgeoning NFT industry.”


The team anticipates that users who have no prior knowledge with Web3 will be able to use the tool to enter the Web3 market. This implies that NFTs will be easier to produce by artists from various backgrounds. 


The Alteon project, which focuses on streamlining procedures, is the one that offers the NFT minting tool. The co-founder of Alteon, Matt Cimaglia, stated that this incorporation aims to “level the playing field” for content producers from different backgrounds. 


He continued by saying that this collaboration with Opera closes the “tech gap” between the traditional creator and the Web3 creator economy, enabling everyone to make use of the opportunities that blockchain technologies present.


Opera recently released DegenKnows on OpenSea, a new non-fungible token (NFT) analytics, tracking, and exploration tool with on- and off-chain statistics. It intends to make it easier for users to explore NFT projects and have access to social media community information. 


The NFT is designed to give users access to off-chain data from social media sources like Twitter and Discord in addition to regular on-chain data analysis of transactions and other individual transactions. Users can view the official accounts and major thought leaders for the project’s Twitter feeds in more detail. The platform evaluates the team behind each NFT initiative, taking into account their overall number of 24-hour mentions, social media followers, and actual fans.


Following a record $25 billion in sales in 2021, the NFT sector reported $5.36 billion in organic trading activity in January of this year. 


These enormous sums have reduced to an average monthly NFT trading volume of $1 billion since the crypto market collapse started in May. According to Dune Analytics statistics, the volume was only $466 million in September 2022. But businesses like SonyFIFAPorsche and Reebok have lately been engaged in the NFT space, suggesting that the interest has not died.

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