China and Spain form historic alliance for the development of the metaverse


In an unprecedented move, Sun Ying, aka Black Feather, the successful founder of DAYOU Open Platform, a prominent Chinese platform of  metaversehas signed an agreement  momentous with  Uttopion , the Spanish metaverse, thus marking a historic alliance between China and a European metaverse.


This partnership will allow brands and creators to have a presence in both  metaverses  simultaneously, merging China with the rest of the world and generating unprecedented global impact through a wide variety of interactive content.


China and Spain collaborate to advance in the metaverse

Uttopion has been working closely with the DAYOU team for the past three months to bring this deal to fruition. Miguel Ángel Fito, co-founder of Uttopion, expressed his enthusiasm, stating that “it has been a real pleasure to collaborate with them and launch this joint project. DAYOU is a leader in technological innovation, and thanks to this alliance, we will be able to reach an audience of millions of users, providing an exceptional and long-lasting gaming experience.”


DAYOU CEO Black Feather is equally excited noting that this deal represents a historic moment for both nations and the metaverse as a whole:


“This is a landmark deal that demonstrates the collective benefits of the perfect combination of local culture and  marketing  global in the Metaverse.”



Technological collaboration between  Spain  and China have generated significant mutual benefits. According to Uttopion, "through joint activations with major brands, we will be able to increase the user base globally." In this way, both parties seek to consolidate themselves as world leaders in the metaverse sector compared to other competing platforms.


China's openness to collaboration with a Western metaverse sets a new precedent in the industry. Not only geopolitically, but also economically and businessally, opening up a world of possibilities for millions of players and users, and posing a challenge for other competing platforms.


The Uttopion co-founder proudly notes that “DAYOU's recent concert with a Chinese artist reached an audience of 15.5 million viewers. A feat completely unimaginable in other metaverses like  Decentraland , Sandbox or Spatial”.


Cooperation between the two countries brings unprecedented opportunities

The cooperation between China and Spain in the development of the metaverse represents a unique opportunity to significantly boost this new technological and social frontier. Both countries have key advantages that, when combined, can take the metaverse to an unprecedented level of adoption and growth.


First of all,  Spain has stood out as one of the countries most familiar with the metaverse in Europe.  The fact that Uttopion, a Spanish metaverse, has been able to negotiate and sign an agreement with DAYOU, a leading platform in China, demonstrates the maturity and vision of the Spanish market in relation to the metaverse.


In 2021 the value of the metaverse was US$500 billion and could increase fivefold by 2030.
In  2021  the value of the metaverse was US$500 billion and could increase fivefold by 2030. Source:  Statista

The accumulated experience in Spain regarding virtual interactions, understanding users and creating immersive and entertaining experiences are valuable assets for this cooperation.


On the other hand, China is a technological powerhouse and has shown a growing interest in the metaverse. Its focus on technological investments and its commitment to the development of this new virtual dimension make the collaboration with Spain especially significant.


China boasts a large digital user base and advanced technological infrastructure.  Factor that will allow you to quickly scale and expand metaverse platforms both locally and globally.

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