BeInCrypto Weekly Roundup: ARKM Token Soars 1,300%, Barbie and NFT Boom, Revolut Migrates to Spain…


Welcome to another BeInCrypto weekly news roundup, we bring you the top 10 most relevant news for the week of July 17-23, 2023. Instantly update the latest news from  Bitcoincryptocurrenciesblockchain , FinTech, stock markets, disruptive technologies, geopolitics, macroeconomics,  trading   and much more. Delve into the topics that you find most interesting.


BeInCrypto: The Top Crypto News of the Week


This token shoots up 1,300% after being listed on Binance

BeInCrypto Weekly Roundup: ARKM Price

New launch and amazing new earnings on Binance Launchpad. In fact, the  token  Arkham Intelligence (ARKM) has already gained 1,300% upon listing.

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BeInCrypto: Other relevant cryptocurrency news of the week

Meet these NFT collections that have come out of Barbie

BeInCrypto Weekly Roundup: Barbie
Source:  mattel

Since the release of the Barbie movie the entire market has entered the  hype  of the most famous doll in the world. For this reason it is necessary that you know what the  NFT  that Mattel has from one of its flagship products

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Migration of Fintech Revolut to Spain worries its users

Revolut migrates Spain
Spain  among the 5 European countries with the largest payment processor market. Source:  Statista

Fintech Revolut has announced that it will migrate its operations to  Spain . Although they already had an office there, now it will function as the headquarters, thus generating great concern among its users residing in Spain.

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What happened to the Petro in Venezuela? Nicolás Maduro's cryptocurrency

BeInCrypto Petro Venezuela Weekly Summary
Last message issued by CoinCoinx on July 10. Source: CoinCoinx Official Telegram Group

Since the birth of the Petro in Venezuela, at the beginning of 2018, this  cryptocurrency  was embroiled in controversy. From its launch, it went through several development teams, was rebooted several times, was sanctioned by the United States, and its commercialization was only limited in Venezuela.


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Tesla has not sold its Bitcoin (BTC) reserves throughout 2023


In February  2021 , Tesla announced that it had purchased  Bitcoin  (BTC) for up to $1.5 billion. This was the main reason for the significant price increases at the time. Later, however, the company sold a significant portion of its  cryptocurrencies .


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Ethereum developer visits El Salvador and criticizes “dictatorial” implementation of Bitcoin

Lane Rettig, former lead developer of  Ethereum , visited  El Salvador  to personally observe the implementation of  Bitcoin in the country .


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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: Analysts vs. Artificial intelligence

Over the years, and despite not being an exact science, the   cryptocurrency traders have tried to decipher the evolution of  Bitcoin price  (BTC). However, various industry analysts, including Artificial Intelligence, are joining the challenge of predicting the price of the  cryptocurrency  largest by market cap.


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Criminals Prefer USDT and USDC Over Bitcoin: Elliptic

criminals prefer USDT and USDC over Bitcoin
Increased use of  stablecoins  in criminal activities | Source:  Tara Annison

Tara Annison, Elliptic's former head of technical consulting, said the  stablecoins   have replaced a  Bitcoin  as the crypto asset of choice for criminal activity, with mixers also playing an increasingly important role.

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Kuwait bans use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Kuwait government statement on banning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Source:  Twitter

Kuwait prohibits  Bitcoin , the  cryptocurrencies  and digital assets as a means of payment, as well as the  mining  of these, their authorities announced. They even offer fines and even jail if they do not comply with the new regulations.

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USA: Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants to back dollars with Bitcoin

Robert Kennedy Jr. BTC bitcoin


US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has come up with a bold plan to wear  Bitcoin to back US dollars. Kennedy also wants Bitcoin earnings to be exempt from capital gains tax.

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