The Peruvian university UDEP opens an office in the metaverse of Spatial


The University of Piura (UDEP) of  Peru  announced that it opened its first office in the  metaverso  of, which seeks to improve the educational experience for students, as well as new forms of online interaction and to be a pioneer in Peru.


The first office in UDEP's metaverse will be an “open office” enabling the construction of new 3D spaces and experiences,   virtual events , activities and exhibits. Those interested may enter from the browser, or Meta Quest, and even from  smartphones.


The UDEP facilities in show the facade of the university building and later request to create or design an avatar. Later you can walk and enter the UDEP facilities.


Sandra Reyes, UDEP digital coordinator explained to InfoMercado:

"We hope that this will be a new meeting point for parents, schoolchildren and those interested in learning about our educational offer in a more interactive way from anywhere in the world."


The metaverse of the UDEP would center on its government building, which has waiting rooms, corridors, an auditorium, and a service area. In addition, it has some screens and announces that it will have events soon. Apparently, staff give attention to make and receive appointments, and even provide information about the university.


Peru accelerates adoption of the metaverse in education


A few days ago, an analysis by the consulting firm KPMG Peru  stated that  the executives of companies that operate in the country are enthusiastic about the metaverse. Although they “don't feel prepared” for the metaverse in technological infrastructure and with skills to master the use of technology.


About the UDEP in the metaverse, Luis Augusto, CEO of Manifiesto Estudio,  held :


"It is a commitment to innovation, an opportunity to change the way in which universities create and offer experiences to their students and academic community."


BeInCrypto reported  in February  the Magitek World metaverse in Peru, whose objective was to educate millions of people about caring for nature. At the time, Roberto Carrion, General Manager of Stringnet, the company in charge of developing Magitek World, emphasized:


“In our country the use of virtual reality or the creation of  metaverses  is focused for business use, because large companies are the only ones able to afford the equipment to carry out their uses. It is not the case of Magitek World. In this park it is sought that any person or family is immersed in it through the immersive experience. It is about transmitting a message to the end user, that they become aware of the development of extended realities”.

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