Dated: MetalCore playtest ‘Bounty Hunter’, 26th-29th May


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Web3 Berlin, 10th June.

3XP web3 gaming expo, 8-9th June.

Ascenders: Simulation launch on Arbitrum, 8th June.

Orange Comet’s The Walking Dead lands mint, 8th June.

The Sandbox May Festival, 11th May-12th June.

Blocklords, community beta, 10th May-10th June.

#4 Sui games launch, 5th June.

Aradena: Battlegrounds, closed beta, 2nd June.

Bushi Battlepass NFT mint on Clutchy, 1st June.

Affyn’s Buddy Arena, closed alpha, 31st May.

Orange Comet’s web3 arm Comet Labs launches Degens & Dragons, 31st May.



MetalCore playtest ‘Bounty Hunter’, 26th-29th May.

Gala Games’ Mirandus, tech test, 16th-30th May.

Gala Games’ Superior, open beta, 16th-29th May.

#3 Sui games launch, 29th May.

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