NFT Drop: Upcoming Projects for This Week (10–17 May)



At P2E Game, It is our mission to bring you the latest info about play-to-earn and NFT projects. We publish an article about promising NFT projects every week!


You can find detailed info about the projects from our platform.


Here are our picks for this week:



Project Name: Synergy Land 

Chain: Polygon

Mint Date: May 10 

Mint Price: Free Mint (3333) 

Twitter Followers: 58.9K 

Discord Members: 31.6K


Why did we pick it?

What sets Synergy Land apart is the team behind it. 


This innovative game is brought to you by a group of industry veterans with over 16 years of experience in renowned companies such as Ubisoft, 2K Games, MercurySteam, Ilion Studios, Konami, Nintendo, and Riot Games. These talented individuals have contributed to acclaimed IPs like Assassin’s Creed, Metroid, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Warhammer: Vermintide, Ghost Recon, Mafia III, and Commandos. 


With such a wealth of expertise, you can expect nothing short of excellence from Synergy Land.


One of the most exciting aspects of Synergy Land is the concept of true ownership of assets.


 In the world of NFTs, players can now own and trade in-game assets securely on the blockchain. 


This means that the items you acquire and the progress you make within Synergy Land are truly yours. You have the power to build your collection, enhance your character, and explore the vast possibilities of the game.


Synergy Land is the project to watch this week. 




Project Name: Sui Bozos

Chain: Sui 

Mint Date: May 11

Mint Price: 10 SUI (Supply 6666) 

Twitter Followers: 26.1K

Discord Members: 29.2K


Why did we pick it?

As the first Bozo community on Sui, this project is set to capture the attention of collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of art and technology. 


Sui Bozos stands out from the crowd with its vibrant and fun-loving community of Bozos. Each Bozo possesses its own distinctive personality and charm, bringing a sense of joy and creativity to the project. From colorful appearances to captivating backstories, these lovable characters are sure to capture your attention and spark your imagination.


As the first Bozo community to emerge on Sui, this project showcases the innovative potential of art and technology. 


By leveraging the power of blockchain, Sui Bozos brings art to life in new and exciting ways, offering a unique experience for collectors and enthusiasts.




Project Name: The Hoopas

Chain: Solana

Mint Date: May 11

Mint Price: 6 SOL (Supply 10000) 

Twitter Followers: 35.1K 

Discord Members: 31.6K 


Why did we pick it?

With its unique characters and engaging storyline, The Hoopas is an NFT project that deserves your attention this week.


What sets The Hoopas apart is its strong and growing community. 


The Hoopas themselves are lively and whimsical creatures, each possessing their own unique characteristics and traits. 


The Hoopas can be categorized into six distinct tribes, each with its own exciting members. While these tribes may have their differences, they complement each other perfectly, creating a harmonious balance within the Hoopas universe. This diversity adds depth and richness to the collection, ensuring that there is something for everyone to appreciate.




Project Name: Legends of Elysium

Chain: Polygon

Mint Date: May 17 

Mint Price: 350 USDC (Supply 500)

Twitter Followers: 24.3K 

Discord Members: 9.2K 


Why did we pick it?

Get ready to embark on an epic fantasy adventure with Legends of Elysium, an NFT project that demands your attention this week. 


Combining the elements of card and board games, Legends of Elysium presents a unique and immersive gaming experience with no entry barrier.


Legends of Elysium introduces its first collection of cards, and what sets them apart is that they cannot be obtained from regular card packs within the game. 


The Limited Genesis collection is a rare and exclusive set of cards that offer not only strategic value on the battlefield but also special bonuses for those daring enough to acquire them.


The window of opportunity to obtain these Limited Genesis cards is only open for 24 hours. After this time elapses, the secret keys that grant access to these special cards will lose their power. This creates an air of urgency and excitement, urging adventurers to test their luck and acquire these coveted treasures before it’s too late.


By offering a limited-time collection of unique cards, the project brings an element of exclusivity and rarity to the gaming experience. 

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