NFT Drop: Upcoming Projects for This Week (03–10 May)



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Here are our picks for this week:



Project Name: AURAS by Jeremy Cowart

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: May 09

Mint Price: TBA

Twitter Followers: 237.2K 

Discord Members: 748


Why did we pick it?

AURAS is gaining attention in the crypto world. 


The project is the brainchild of artist Jeremy Cowart, who will create 10,000 completely unique NFTs in just 20 minutes without relying on generative code or AI. This is the first time Cowart has publicly revealed his creative process, which he has spent 10 years developing privately in his studio.


What makes AURAS stand out is that Cowart will be the blank canvas himself, wearing all white, including a white mask, and using his patent-pending lighting techniques, 3 layers of projection, and a state-of-the-art LED volume screen to create the artwork. 


This live creation will be done without a team and without using any software or AI, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.


The rarity of AURAS will be taken to historic new levels as Cowart does everything himself, without a team, and does it live. Holders of Cowart’s 2022 project Block Queens will get a free mint of AURAS, while others will be able to mint their own on May 9th on OpenSea.


AURAS is an exciting project that showcases Cowart’s creative talent and innovation, while also providing a unique and rare NFT experience for collectors. 


It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on this project and seeing what other surprises Cowart has in store for the NFT world. 




Project Name: Chen Man: Silent Noise

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: May 09

Mint Price: 0.055 ETH 

Twitter Followers: 216.6K

Discord Members: 154.3K


Why did we pick it?

Chen Man, a world-renowned photographer known for her innovative style and breathtaking visuals, has launched a groundbreaking NFT collection that is set to take the digital art world by storm. 


Her exclusive artwork, featuring an animated video of Grimes, will be available for purchase on May 9th for $100, making it accessible to fans and collectors alike.


Her work has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious publications, and she has collaborated with major fashion brands such as Dior, Armani, and Nike. Her NFT collection showcases her bold and striking aesthetic, which seamlessly marries Eastern and Western techniques.


What sets this NFT collection apart is the incentives offered to buyers. 


The top buyer will be invited to one of Chen Man’s upcoming photoshoots, while the top 10 buyers will receive all of her following NFT collections airdropped. There are also opportunities for upgraded NFTs, signed postcards, and privileged access to Chen Man’s proceeding NFT drops.


With its exclusive artwork and enticing incentives, this NFT collection is a testament to the creative and innovative potential of blockchain technology, making it a must-see for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.




Project Name: Shiba Gangs

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Free Mint (Suuply 8888) 

Mint Price: May 07 

Twitter Followers: 15.3K

Discord Members: -


Why did we pick it?

Shiba Gangs should be on your radar this week because of the current meme hype in the crypto market. 


This project is sure to catch the attention of meme coin hunters and NFT enthusiasts alike, as it features 4,444 unique animated NFTs of Shiba dogs. 


Many NFT collections come with big promises and grand roadmaps, but Shiba Gangs is different. They believe in being transparent and honest with their community, which is why they’re not making any promises they can’t keep. Their goal is simply to deliver amazing artwork and build a strong, engaged community that can help them continue to grow the project if they’re successful in their sales.


By offering these NFTs for free, Shiba Gangs is giving everyone the opportunity to join in on the excitement and potential of this project. 


They’re confident that the value of these NFTs will rise, and they want everyone to be a part of that journey.


The Shiba Gangs NFT collection is set to mint on May 7th (13:00 UTC), and the mint price for presale is Free Mint. This project is running on the Ethereum network and will be Direct to Contract (DTC).



Project Name: Animysts: Genesis

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: May 05

Mint Price: 0.03 ETH (Supply 1000)

Twitter Followers: 13.2K

Discord Members: 1.3K


Why did we pick it?

If you’re a fan of storytelling, magic, and NFTs, then the Animysts: Genesis collection is definitely worth checking out. 


This decentralized journey is inspired by the power of storytelling, bridging worlds through a multifaceted venture model that combines decentralization and NFTs.


The genesis collection consists of 575 Animysts NFTs, which offer holders the chance to own a piece of history and be part of something truly magical. 


As a holder of a Chapter 1 Animysts, you’ll receive exclusive perks and utility within the Animysts universe, including increased staking rewards, WL tokens for future chapters, special giveaways, and VIP access to all their IRL events, such as the upcoming NFT Phuket in January 2024.


But it’s not just about the benefits of ownership. 


The Animysts universe is also about the power of storytelling, where each NFT holds a unique and enchanting story that will transport you to a world of magic and wonder. As you explore the Animysts universe, you’ll discover the secrets of the ancient animystic traditions and the characters that inhabit this fantastical world.

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