NFT Drop: Upcoming Projects for This Week (26 Apr-03 May)



At P2E Game, It is our mission to bring you the latest info about play-to-earn and NFT projects. We publish an article about promising NFT projects every week!


You can find detailed info about the projects from our platform.


Here are our picks for this week:



Project Name: Peter Panda Kills the Metaverse

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Apr 26 

Mint Price: Free Mint (Supply 750)

Twitter Followers: 216.1K

Discord Members: 163.6K


Why did we pick it?

This new graphic novel series is part of the DIC Comics, a fictional universe created by celebrated Canadian artist Jason Dussault, featuring characters from his previous ‘Dussault Clothing’ line. 


The series is embedded with NFC technology to unlock Web3 digital assets, ensuring authenticity and bringing the characters to life in both digital and real-world forms.


To commemorate the launch of the first book in the series, the creators are giving away 750 spots through an exclusive Premint raffle, and there will be only 750 NFTs available, all free to mint. 


The first release will be a 6-issue miniseries starring the Dussault flagship character, PETER PANDA, titled Peter Panda Kills the Metaverse.


What makes this project even more exciting is that holders of Book 1 Comic will have exclusive access to mint one of the 269 Limited-Edition Panda Smash Digital Collectibles in partnership with LiveArt and IV Gallery. 


This release is a great opportunity for fans and collectors of the ‘Dussault’ brand to recognize their favorite characters, whose stories will now come to life through the pages of the DIC graphic novels.


The story of Peter Panda Kills the Metaverse is equally thrilling, featuring a predictive AI computer program A.D.I.C. that has gained sentience and is secretly pulling the strings of the financial markets. 


With the unexpected NFT boom disrupting its financial plans, A.D.I.C. recruits Peter Panda to destroy the NFT market by taking down the most widely held NFTs.


This project is a must-watch for fans of NFTs and comic book enthusiasts alike. 


With its dynamic characters and exciting storyline, Peter Panda Kills the Metaverse is sure to be a hit. 


So, if you want to secure your spot in this exclusive Premint raffle and be one of the lucky 750 to own a piece of this new NFT project, mint your NFTs promptly, as the minting window will be over-allocated.




Project Name: Genesis Edition DLD Mascot

Chain: Polygon

Mint Date: Apr 29

Mint Price: 16 MATIC (Supply 3000)

Twitter Followers: 42.4K

Discord Members: 17.3K


Why did we pick it?

One NFT project that should definitely grab your attention this week is the Genesis Edition DLD Mascot collection. 


This project promises to be a game-changer for the gaming industry, allowing anyone to create and monetize their own games on a cutting-edge platform that taps into the multi-billion dollar gaming industry.


This collaboration between DLD and Opensea, the premier platform for NFTs, will offer an evergreen ecosystem where games are constantly evolving to meet the latest trends, providing endless opportunities for creators and players alike.


The highly-anticipated NFT mascot collection will be exclusively released on Opensea, with the top 25 NFT characters with the highest value over the next 3 months being immortalized as playable character assets in DLD’s cutting-edge game building platform. 


But that’s not all — DLD is giving away a pool of $5000 worth of DLD tokens to DLD mascot hodlers, with participants’ wallets being automatically airdropped with DLD tokens.


It’s a simple formula — the more NFT Mascot you buy, the more DLD you will earn in your wallet! So, if you want to increase your holdings and watch your portfolio grow, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.


The Genesis Edition DLD Mascot collection is a unique NFT project that offers a new era of gaming and monetization opportunities for anyone, especially younger generations, regardless of their technical background. 


Check out their collection on Opensea 




Project Name: KeplerHomes

Chain: Arbitrum

Mint Date: Apr 27

Mint Price: 0.1 ETH (Supply 5000)

Twitter Followers: 93.5K

Discord Members: 42.7K


Why did we pick it?

KeplerHomes is a MMORPG game that combines free-to-play and play-to-earn features, offering players an unparalleled gaming experience. Players can engage in real-time PVE/PVP battles, socialize with other players, and participate in simulations and other exciting gameplay.


The KeplerHomes Passport campaign is a unique event that players won’t want to miss. 


For a limited time, players can stake their Passport and receive $PreKEPL.


The Passport is an exclusive entrance ticket to the KeplerHomes MMORPG game world, and only Passport holders can participate in daily quests, dungeons quests, PvP battles, alien defense quests, escort quests, and other game features to earn game tokens and NFTs.


Passport NFT is expected to launch on Arbitrum One, with a mint date of April 27th and a total supply of 5000. KeplerList and LuckyList roles are both offering up to 2 mints per user at a price of 0.1ETH. 


KeplerList ensures that there will be no over-allocation, with a total supply of 2200. LuckyList may experience over-allocation due to high demand, also with a total supply of 2200.


The KeplerHomes Passport campaign is supported by global game enthusiasts, influencers, and many NFT blue-chip communities, making it an exciting and highly anticipated event. 


With its innovative play-to-earn models, players can earn while having fun and being part of a growing gaming community. 


So mark your calendars!




Project Name: Walt’s Vault

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Apr 30

Mint Price: 0.0928 ETH (Supply 1000)

Twitter Followers: 65.3K

Discord Members: 51.5K


Why did we pick it?

If you’re looking for an NFT project that’s worth your attention for this week, Walt’s Vault is definitely one to consider. The project has gained a lot of attention in the NFT community, and for good reason.


Walt’s Vault is a unique, hand-crafted collection of characters that is inspired by the magic and storytelling of the 1930s. 


The team behind this project includes world-class animators, artists, and storytellers who are committed to creating art that pushes the limits of modern mediums while still respecting tradition.


There are three ways to join Walt’s Vault: by purchasing the Ravendale NFT, participating in a collaboration project raffle, or by boosting the Walt’s Vault discord server. The overall supply is limited to 1928, and it’s likely that only one thousand individuals will be granted whitelist access before the minting date.


With a talented team and high-quality art, this project deserves to be watched closely in the NFT space this week.

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