An American's passion for Salvador results in a collection of NFTs to promote the culture of the Bahian capital


Aaron Mitchell became interested in the Brazilian city at the age of 13, when he started studying capoeira.


Pega Visão Salvador Club (PVSC), a company  Web3  focused on the African culture of Salvador, launches this Thursday (23) its first collection of non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ), a  Sequeladus de Salvador  (SDS). Conceived in collaboration with artist Daniel Neiva, the NID character's 2,500 Profile Photo ( PFP ) NFTs unlock a "multi-sensory" experience that will immerse members in one of the oldest and most enduring cultures of the African diaspota, Salvador.


Salvador's NFT Sequeladus Collection. Image: Disclosure/PVSC


PVSC was born from the collaboration of five friends who shared the desire to connect the world to the richness that represents the past, present and future of Salvador. In the case of the Americans who co-founded the company, Javonté Anyabwelé, VP of the tourism company Carnival Cruise, and Aaron Mitchell, in addition to strategist Mike Simms, and Brazilian artists Tata Ribeiro and Daniel Neiva.


From what could be seen on the company's platform, the PVSC's NFTs are also linked to a program of benefits to the community The Bahia Circle. Regarding the company's future plans, the NFTs should unlock other benefits, such as exclusive experiences in Salvador, intellectual property rights ( IP ), IRL events, conferences, networking, parties and meetings, partnership, mentoring, real estate deals and early access to future collections. 


The roots of PVSC can be traced back to when Aaron Mitchell, then a 13-year-old boy, decided to learn capoeira in the US and became interested in the origins of the art of African origin that mixes fight and dance. What led the consultant to delve into Salvador's history of readings over 27 years. 


In 2021, when he was HR director in the animation sector at Netflix, Mitchell visited the capital of Bahia, where he carried out work related to diversity and inclusion. What happened after he met entrepreneurs like Paulo Rogério Nunes, co-founder of the accelerator Vale do Dendê and Afro TV, who invited him to visit Salvador. 


Kickoff for the promotion of culture and artistic production in Salvador, in addition to attracting new investments to the city, the NFTs should integrate a list of several other products, since PVSV is eyeing other formats, such as comics ,  metaverse  e  games .


In another initiative related to NFTs, the  Magic Eden has launched an audited marketplace for the Ordinals protocol , which allows the creation of NFTs on the Bitcoin Mainnet. As for the gaming giant  Sega authorized the use of Virtua Fighter characters in the development of an NFT game , as per  reported Cointelegraph Brasil .

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