NFT Drop: Upcoming Projects for This Week (08–15 Mar)


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Here are our picks for this week:



Project Name: Bitter Pill Man

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Mar 09

Mint Price: 0.06 ETH (Supply 8888)

Twitter Followers: 44.6K

Discord Members: 18.1K


Why did we pick it?

Bitter Pill Man is the latest NFT collection that has caught the attention of the crypto community.


This collection consists of 8,888 unique hand-drawn NFTs that have a deeper meaning and aim to improve men’s lives forever.


The team behind BPM is committed to building a brand that will stand the test of time by engaging a thriving community and enriching people’s lives who become involved in the project.


Holders of each NFT will unlock additional perks and benefits down the line for as long as they hold them.


The team is currently allowing people to join the whitelist.


Once you own a Bitter Pill Man, you will be first in line for future mints.


In addition, there are exciting plans in the works to expand the Pillmanoverse in unexpected ways, so holders should be prepared for anything.


BPM also offers an exclusive merch store for its members, with a range of unique designs and apparel to suit all club members. Holders are given discounts on limited edition pieces only available to the community.


For those who want to join the club, BPM offers exclusive access to events and the BPMα group.



Project Name: VRMARS

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Mar 10

Mint Price: Free Mint (Supply 1K)

Twitter Followers: 26.0K

Discord Members: -


Why did we pick it?

VRMARS is a highly innovative metaverse that merges gaming with decentralized finance (DeFi) elements, offering players the opportunity to build and manage their colonies on Mars using unique NFTs.


The game is set in a highly realistic, detailed virtual world, which players can explore using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology.


What sets VRMARS apart is its ability to let players earn active income while colonizing Mars.


As the first metaverse built on the red planet, VRMARS offers a unique opportunity to experience life on Mars in the future.


Using a VR headset, players can fully immerse themselves in the virtual world and experience building and defending their colonies in an authentic environment.


Moreover, VRMARS features an AR system that can be accessed through a mobile app, allowing players to explore the virtual world of Mars in the real world using their mobile devices.


NFTs in the VRMARS game represent different structures, units, and resources, allowing players to expand their colonies by purchasing or looting new NFTs.


In summary, VRMARS is a futuristic and engaging metaverse that is sure to delight both gamers and DeFi enthusiasts.



Project Name: Oceans of Terra

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Mar 11

Mint Price: Free Mint (3333)

Twitter Followers: 15.6K

Discord Members: -


Why did we pick it?

Oceans of Terra is an upcoming free-to-play underwater-themed RPG that promises to be unique and captivating.


The game allows players to connect with friends, complete missions, hunt for treasure, mine gemstones, and more, all while owning their characters, items, and land.


The game’s narrative revolves around an evil empress and her parasitic minions invading Terra’s oceans to retrieve scattered artifacts.


The game’s creators plan to offer an immersive and interactive gameplay experience that appeals to players of all ages and skill levels, while also fostering a sense of community and social connection among players.


Additionally, the company aims to develop and grow Oceans of Terra into an MMORPG game, with a charity DAO that gives 5% of all revenue to a good cause voted on by holders.


Oceans of Terra is an NFT project to keep an eye on if you’re looking for an exciting and community-driven gaming experience.



Project Name: The Space Club (Phygital Key)

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Mar 14

Mint Price: TBA (Supply 4444)

Twitter Followers: 59.4K

Discord Members: 20.7K


Why did we pick it?

The Space Club is another unique NFT project that is worth following.


With a collection of 4,444 scarce, non-fungible Phygital Keys residing on the Ethereum blockchain, the project aims to create a self-governing community that innovates and liberates its investors.


The Space Club offers advanced tools for social analysis and market trading, as well as a sophisticated information system that facilitates the exchange of data between various organizations, people, and technologies.


The project’s secondary aim is to reshape societal structures and reconfigure the potentialities within the meta, while also developing new definitions and possibilities of selfhood within the “phygital” realm.


With unlimited perks and infinite access, The Space Club is worth paying attention to for this week.


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