Hyosung TNS Officially Opens NFT Professional Portal Service

The main screen of 'NFTtown', a portal specializing in NFTs officially opened by Hyosung TNS on March 15. [Photo = Hyosung TNS]


Hyosung announced on the 15th that it will open 'NFTtown', a portal service specializing in NFTs, which has been operated as a beta service by Hyosung TNS, a financial IT affiliate, as an official service.


NFTtown is a setting in which users visit a 'town' so that they can easily access NFTs that are difficult in everyday life. It is a portal site where you can check information such as NFT related news, transaction status, and theme NFT .


While opening the official service, the content that users were satisfied with during the beta service period was front-loaded, etc. UI (user interface) was improved, and cryptocurrency and NFT market place information was compared. Provides additional features that can be


Free NFTs are also issued in line with official service. NFTtown 10,000 'Towner NFT' made with the concept of photos taken by residents in the village NFT launchpad distributed for free through 'Pala'.


Towner NFT owners can enjoy various benefits. Membership benefits such as priority participation in events are available in the community, and discounts are available offline at some Sebitseom restaurants, as well as purchasing products from eco-friendly fashion start-up brands Hali-K and Pleats Mama.


Hyosung TNS is planning to continuously reinforce contents after the opening of NFTtown, and also plans to launch NFTtown Web3 wallet service that enables transactions and additional services by launching a dedicated mobile app. Web3  The wallet is evaluated as easy to set up and excellent in security.


Son Hyun-sik, CEO of Hyosung TNS, said, “We will actively utilize our financial IT experience accumulated so far to help customers better utilize digital assets called NFTs, and actively strive to expand the base of the NFT market.” I will do it," he said.

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