Invest in the future of virtual reality with this new cryptocurrency – should you buy early?

Source / RobotEra

GameFi could be the next big thing in crypto in 2023 as the pre-sale   RobotEra   is rapidly gaining momentum.


Created to release one of the most exciting sci-fi games in the GameFi sector, the RobotEra platform challenges the entire play-to-earn (P2E) industry.


The philosophy of the gaming ecosystem is a response to the current state of GameFi, as the sector is currently overemphasizing the transactional economy of games and investing little in the development of quality games.


The goal of the creators was to create a game that could compete with well-known competitors like Axie Infinity, due to a more accessible and attractive interface.


This will help fulfill the main mission of RobotEra: open a whole new era of P2E games.


And this mission resonated in the markets - RobotEra's pre-sale raised over $1 million just for the first stage of the pre-sale.



RobotEra: P2E player competition

RobotEra immerses players in a gritty cyberpunk universe where players   build their own robots to explore and fight.


These player-to-player (PVP) battles take place in different game modes, from robot tank races to bot fights and even strategy games with droids.


In all of them, players will battle each other to win high stakes prizes and rewards.


The creators want to create a thriving ecosystem and community built around the game's story and different game options.


Source / Robot Era

To keep the community dynamic, personalization and individuality for each player is at the heart of the gaming experience.


RobotEra achieves this by using a unique drag-and-drop character creation mechanism.


This creates endless possibilities for creating robots, and only the imagination will be the limit of your fantasies.


Players can build a blocky monster capable of crushing robots in combat, or take the time to build a neat and stylish robot to take on in races.


Part of the ecosystem is aimed at encouraging the creation of unusual robots - separate competitions and design contests will be created for this. They will take place in specially designated public areas of the metaverse within the game's "factions".



Since this is GameFi - the very best items and cutting-edge features require players to participate in the RobotEra NFT Market.


This adds a special dynamic inspired by the very lucrative CS:GO skins market that   a market capitalization of more than a billion , based on the fact that the entire community conducts millions of transactions daily. 


With the ability to not only create unique bots, but also earn more profit through creation and sale, RobotEra hopes to create a rich transactional experience for the user, rather than just endlessly gaining.


How does the $TARO native token work?

The economic basis of the RobotEra ecosystem is its own network token ERC-20 $TARO.


TARO is the main settlement tool for all transactions in the ecosystem.


Players will use the token to create, buy and sell robots, as well as obtain NFT items from the internal store.


It will also be used as collateral in high stakes PVP battles and for rewards in competitions and challenges.


With the high transaction scalability enabled by Ethereum 2.0, this token has the potential to dramatically increase trading volume.


TARO is currently in its first round of presale, trading at just $0.020.


But as we can see from the pace of RobotEra's presale, things are moving fast, with investors looking to grab a stack before the presale moves into phase two, which would push TARO's price up 25%.


The first round has already raised a whopping $1 million, but less than half of the tokens remain, so the second round of the presale is expected to start in just a few days.



If you want to capitalize on the future of online gaming, be sure to check out   RobotEra   already today.

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