Argentina: “Polkadot Blockchain Academy” started in Buenos Aires


For a month,  Polkadot  and the e  artificial intelligence  of  University  of Buenos Aires (UBA IALAB),  Argentina , will gather engineers and    developers from all over the world to work on the future of  Web3 , Cointelegraph en Español was informed in a statement.


Starting on January 10 and for a whole month, the University of Buenos Aires will host an event for the future of Web3. It is about “ Polkadot  Blockchain  Academy ”, a  program  educational   face -to-face   which addresses the conceptual foundations and practical application of blockchain technology,  using Polkadot and Substrate tools .


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The Polkadot Blockchain Academy  It had its beginnings in Cambridge  and now it has arrived in Argentina. It was founded in 2022 by Gavin Wood and  arises with the aim of training talented engineers  in Web3.


Pauline Cohen Vorms, Director of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy explained: " The Academy is intended for all talented developers, even those with no prior blockchain experience, and will give them very strong training and the tools to make them bold ." He further added: “ The academy fosters a strong community of like-minded people who support each other, who are starting new projects and contributing to further education within the  ecosystem ”.


The curriculum  includes a large number of disciplines:  economy , governance, theory of  gamescryptography , peer-based and distributed network systems, system design and  APIs , among many others. " All this study design is planned so that developers from the Web2 or traditional ecosystem can attend the Academy and when they leave they have the necessary tools to build within the vast Blockchain ecosystem, " they announced in the statement.


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A boost in Argentina and  Latin America


After a first edition in Cambridge,  Polkadot targeted Latin America,  specifically in Argentina  for the realization of this second edition of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy,  This was motivated by the great potential they saw in the region  to build on Blockchain technology and consequently on Polkadot.


Given this potential, the team behind “ Polkadot Blockchain Academy ” has set out to support the local developer community by bringing the program, to which they responded with interest,  submitting more than 750 applications to access the month of training prepared . However, given the impossibility of giving access to such a high number of applications due to logistical reasons, it was decided to organize additional workshops and side events together with the Polkadot community in the region.


From the Polkadot Hub and the community  Three side events  were also organized so that developers and members of the ecosystem can share presentations from referents of the Polkadot ecosystem and Web3.


The first was on Thursday, January 12, at the “ Espacio Darwin ”, in Palermo. It was in charge of Raúl Romanutti, a member of the Polkadot Council. It was a  talk about Community Treasury  and the financing tools that the Polkadot ecosystem has, so that projects and teams can build on Web3.


On Tuesday, January 31 , Robert Habermeier, Co-Founder of Polkadot and Shawn Tabrizi, Core Developer at Parity Technologies, will talk about the  future of the network in the interoperability in the blockchains  through XCM. The appointment is at 7:00 p.m. at Madero Walk.


Finally,  On Wednesday, February 8, there will be a workshop on “ Ink ”, the language for writing  Smart Contracts  in Rust  and deploy them in the Polkadot ecosystem. This workshop is ideally intended for developers, since  It will be taught entirely in Spanish , and will be in charge of Héctor Bulgarini and Ricardo Rius, both developers from Parity Technologies. The meeting will be in “ Area Three ”, in Palermo, at 5:00 p.m.


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For those who participate in the three events, there will be special benefits: access to free Rust, Substrate and Ink courses, which will be taught at Polkadot Hub, and more proposals that will be announced later ”, they announced from the Academy.


Registration for these 3 Side Events is free . The links to register will be published on the “ polkadotespanol ” page and shared through their social networks. " The places are limited to the participants of the academy, teams and projects that seek financing and members of the community of the Web3 ecosystem " they explained in the statement.




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