NFT Drop: Upcoming Projects for This Week (08–15 Nov)


At P2E Game, It is our mission to bring you the latest info about play-to-earn and NFT projects. We publish an article about promising NFT projects every week!


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Here are our picks for this week:

Project Name: Stack

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: November 10

Mint Price: Free Mint

Twitter Followers: 35.6K

Discord Members: 7.8K


Why did we pick it?

Stack is a Web3 Browser project that uses NFTs to power the ecosystem.


Their NFTs will give you lifetime PRO access to a real product and cash rewards based on contribution.


Stack browser doesn’t use tabs, instead, it comes with Cards, Stacks, Rooms and Spaces, and unique shortcut-first navigation functionality.


Since the NFT collection is key to getting into the app, these NFTs could be worth more in the future.


Check out their whitepaper to get more info.


Project Name: Voiders

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: November 8

Mint Price: 0.25 ETH (Supply 888)

Twitter Followers: 100.9K

Discord Members: 36.4K


Why did we pick it?

This first-person shooter game provides immersive PvP and PvE game modes, great graphics, and a wide range of game dynamics.


The team says they focused on delivering an enjoyable game first:


Blockchain gaming really deserves the presence of high-quality innovative gaming products, and we hope Voiders is the first of many to come.


As you can see from Voiders’ social media accounts, they already manage people’s attention. And if the game will be successful, this will be beneficial for NFT holders for sure.


Project Name: Art2act

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: November 10

Mint Price: 0.1 ETH (Supply 2250)

Twitter Followers: 3.1K

Discord Members: 1.2K


Why did we pick it?

Art2act is one of the interesting projects of this week. They collaborated with 150 artists from all over the world to come together and be part of their art ecosystem.


So project uses a great variety of artists to create an artist community by using NFTs. This is a fresh and unique touch for NFT communities.


And the Art2act ecosystem can grow fastly since they are lying on the NFT Artists from +50 countries. They invite investors to join the ecosystem to benefit from that by using the NFTs.


They also plan to launch token, which can boost the value of their NFTs.


Worth considering!


Project Name: Good Mood Dudes

Chain: Solana

Mint Date: November 10

Mint Price: 3 SOL (Supply 2850)

Twitter Followers: 8.0K

Discord Members: 7.5K


Why did we pick it?

Good Mood Dudes is one of the most hype NFT projects this week. The launch will be at Magic Eden.


So what is Good Mood Dudes?


Good Mood Dudes is an NFT version of a European-based retail brand that produces, markets, and sells products that increase your “mood.”


In their whitepaper, they mention that their goal is to create a live, vibrant brand that reaches more than the virtual world:


Our goal is to become the world’s first and largest internationally acting lifestyle brand that implements web3 technology into its core business model.


They have a pycskal product called The Good Mood Drink. This drink includes serotonin and dopamine to give you “happiness hormones”, as they say.


And they wanna move this good mood motto to the digital platform, with NFTs. The collection has many utilities to push to the ecosystem they are creating.


The team is known and experienced in this sector. Which is a plus for marketing operations.


Given the fact that creating a brand with NFTs is can go a lot further, this project is should be on your radar this week.

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