Argentine airline Flybondi will adopt NFT technology for ticketing


Flybondi, an Argentine low-cost airline, is introducing blockchain technology to its operations. The company recently announced that it will start issuing tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), expanding the possibilities of what customers can do with them. Users will be able to sell or transfer the tokens to other travelers up to three days before the corresponding flight, for example.


Flybondi will issue NFT tickets


More companies are including NFTs as part of their business models due to the perceived benefits and advantages they can bring. Flybondi, an Argentine low-cost airline, has also decided to use blockchain technology in its operations, announcing that it will issue tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), expanding the scope of what customers can do with them.


The solution, which was developed by Travelx, a blockchain technology development company, will allow customers to exchange, transfer and sell tickets, changing user names up to three days before the flight.


The alliance also introduced the ability to purchase these tickets using Binance Pay with stablecoins, including USDC at first. However, Travelx announced that other stablecoins will be included to provide more possibilities for customers.



As for the benefits that users will be able to enjoy with the change, Travelx   said :



This industry innovation will allow greater flexibility for travelers who will be able to anticipate their travel plans by accessing better fares without the risks associated with buying tickets well in advance.



Web3 introduces secondary markets


The inclusion of Web3 and NFT technology in such operations will open up secondary markets for clients. On the use of these new technologies, Travelx stated that the movement brings a new phase “where the travel industry and the world of the new web3 come together to provide a much more flexible experience for travelers, while generating new sources of information. income and a sharp reduction. in transaction costs for airlines.


According to Flybondi's statements, the company is one of the pioneer organizations in implementing this type of functionality and hopes that others will follow if this experiment is successful.


Projects using NFT as part of their operations have multiplied this year. On September 8, the European Union   announced   a plan to use NFTs to protect intellectual property and fight counterfeiting. In August, a   report   issued by Grand View Research, a market research firm, estimated that the NFT market will grow to reach $200 million by 2030.

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