Apartments are core properties inside the SIDUS universe. One can hardly overestimate the importance of this asset. Apartments are your limited private space quarters in which you can store valuable household items that have useful functions. Apartments are also lucrative assets that you can either use for yourself or rent out to other users for a fee.


There are three types of apartments that fall into the SIDUS project’s 3 conventional rarity qualifications: Common, Epic and Legendary. There are a total of 6,000 apartments in the capital city and this number will never increase: 4,000 Common apartments, 1,500 Epic and 500 Legendary. There is also a class of apartments named Basic and these are given to users upon registration. In Basic apartments, users can only store one household item.


Apartments come in different sizes — the larger it is, the more items you can store in it. Another important difference between apartments is the time it takes to travel to the Business Center and the SIDUS Gates module. The higher the classification of the apartment, the less time it takes a user to move from one point in the city to another. Just like in real life!


The Heads of Guilds will soon be granted Organization status, with scholars being akin to their employees. These Heads will be able to provide their members with free access! Organizations are economic entities within the game that enable players to work in groups, no matter how many Heroes’ they have, what their rarity is or which planets they play on.


It is also important to point out that household items play a special role in the concept of apartments. These limited-edition collectible NFTs will be hugely appreciated by players as each one is a piece of merchandise that will be in high demand in all corners of the SIDUS universe. At the moment, there are three types of household items under development.


Plants - they produce useful fruit that have the power to upgrade the upgrade the level of Heroes and Pets (including Toadwing Eggs). They also provide other benefits too. A plant’s daily harvest is based on its own rarity. Basically, these are game boosters whose production is controlled by the owner of each plant and they only grow in specific conditions inside SIDUS apartments. The number of apartments and plants is limited, which means that with the launch of each new game, new users will help drive up demand for the fruit produced by these plants.


Robots - they provide all kinds of bonuses for investment activities and increase rewards for collecting resources, plus they perform other functions. The rarity of a robot determines the number of bonuses a player can receive from an eligible activity. Having a collection of robots in your apartment allows you to significantly expand the scope of your account, which increases efficiencies for you and visitors to your apartment. This additional utility makes it possible to start earning income very quickly!


Workbenches - having a profession allows you to produce all kinds of pharmaceuticals that Heroes and Replicants need for research, construction and speeding up processes. By actively developing the project, we are giving you a unique opportunity to control the pharmaceuticals market, a profit center whose demand will grow as new users arrive!


We would like to emphasize once again that we are now building the capital city of the SIDUS universe. In the future, new games that are launched will each be represented by a separate planet and real-world users will not even suspect that they are becoming part of our community. Only upon reaching the middle levels and having accumulated enough game resources they will be able to start selling their assets on the marketplace. The value of these resources is what will motivate players to register with our system. Thus, by launching new game projects and supporting them with massive advertising campaigns, thousands of new players will create a large demand for the limited products produced by plants, robots and at workbenches.


And yes, you will be able to sell your apartments!


Don’t miss your chance!


Best regards,


Roman Povolotski SIDUS Game Producer

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