ANA Group To Launch NFT Business

The move makes the owner of All Nippon Airways the first airline group to venture into the sale of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).




The group behind Japan's All Nippon Airways, ANA Group, has created a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) business. The owner of the largest airline in Japan launched the venture on May 30th through one of its subsidiaries, ANA NEO.


A Non-Fungible Token is a unique digital identifier that is recorded on a blockchain, and used to certify authenticity and ownership. Until now, the technology has been mainly used in the fields of art and music, but ANA Group has now become the world's first airline group to bring it to the aviation industry and sell aviation-themed NFT products.


ANA NEO has also launched an NFT marketplace, named ANA GranWhale NFT MarketPlace, which it will use to begin sales of NFT products, as well as promote its virtual travel platform, ANA GranWhale. The development of ANA GranWhale began in August 2022, and today the platform makes use of virtual reality technology to recreate destinations around the world in the metaverse.


The President of ANA NEO, Mitsuo Tomita, shared his excitement at this latest venture, saying,


"As part of the first airline group to launch an NFT marketplace, we are excited to pioneer a new avenue to connect with our customers and enhance their experience. Through this initiative, we aim to unlock the potential of NFTs in the aviation industry, bringing together the digital and physical realms to create unique and memorable experiences that unite the world in wonder."



Aviation-themed NFTs for sale


The marketplace launched on May 30th with a total of 267 items for sale, including the first NFTs of the digital works of aviation photographer, Luke Ozawa. The price of each of Ozawa's NFTs is ¥100,000 ($717).


By June 7th, the number of items for sale will have risen to more than 1,500, with more NFTs added to the marketplace, such as those of two digital 3D Boeing 787s. One of the 787s sports the special livery seen when ANA became the aircraft's launch customer back in 2011.


Over time, ANA Group, which recently recorded its first annual profit since the pandemic, will continue to expand its ANA GranWhale NFT MarketPlace, adding further unique aviation-inspired NFT products from various regions in Japan. ANA NEO took to Twitter to celebrate yesterday's launch:



Increasing use of new technologies


ANA Group has become the first airline group to venture into the sale of NFTs, but this is not the only time that the group has embraced new technologies. Earlier this year, All Nippon Airways revealed plans to operate air taxi services during Expo 2025 in Osaka. The airline will work together with the startup company Joby Aviation to deliver the service.


Elsewhere in the aviation industry, Qatar Airways recently took its first steps into metaverse technology, launching the QVerse. This digital world allows users to explore the airline's aircraft from the comfort of their own homes, guided by a virtual flight attendant.


While the metaverse opens up a whole new world of possibilities, it remains to be seen how airlines across the world will continue to best harness the technology to their advantage going forward.

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