[Announcement] Chance to grab NFTs and $50 worth of $BEAT, join airdrop now!

[Announcement] Chance to grab NFTs and $50 worth of $BEAT, join airdrop now!


This is a global CeDeFi platform, NEOPIN.
We are holding an airdrop event to celebrate a new crypto asset, MetaBeat ($BEAT) listing on NEOPIN!

* $BEAT will be listed on NEOPIN on April 27th 2023.



Refer to the details below and don’t miss the chance to grab NFTs and $50 worth of $BEAT!

[Airdrop Rewards]


- 1st Raffle: Gold Matty Statue NFTs for 80 winners
- 2nd Raffle: $50 worth of $BEAT for 10 winners among the 80 1st winners above.

* Additional benefits can be given to Gold Matty Statue NFT holders in the future.
* Among the 80 winners from the 1st Raffle, the 10 winners for 2nd Raffle will be selected randomly.
* All 80 winners from the 1st Raffle will be registered automatically for the 2nd raffle.


[How to Participate]


Click the link below and complete the missions on Galxe!


🔗 <Go to Galxe>
* Wallet connection to Galxe is required.
* Missions
#1. Retweet
#2. Enter NEOPIN Wallet address in google form
🔗 <Go to Google Form>
#3. Hold the Matty Statue NFT until the winner announcement on MetaBeat App and Twitter.
#4. Hold’em longer so you can get more perks in the future!

* Notes
- PrecautionsNEOPIN KYC takes about 2 to 3 days and in order to obtain the wallet address you need to “pass” the KYC approval process. Please be advised and start the process ahead of time in order to enter the address in time. (before the campaign closes)
- How to find your NEOPIN wallet address
1) 🔗<Download NEOPIN> and sign up
2) Complete KYC verification
3) Go to ‘Wallet’ — ‘NPT’ — ‘Receive’
4) Copy ‘NPT wallet address’ and paste in Google Form



[Event Timeline]

- Register: April 25th, 06:00 UTC ~ May 1st, 06:00 UTC
- 1st Raffle(NFTs) Winner Announcement: May 1st, 07:00 UTC @MetaBeat Social Channels
- 2nd Raffle($BEAT) Winner Announcement: May 2nd @MetaBeat Social Channels


[Learn more about NEOPIN]

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