Weekly Overview: What Happened in GameFi, NFTs, and Metaverse This Week? [December 30– January 6]

We collect this week’s highlights on NFTs, play-to-earn, and metaverse which are the main topics we hear more and more details about every day.


For those who do not want to miss the most influential news about the industry among dozens of news, we have compiled the top five of the week for you.



Can BONK Save Solana Ecosystem?


Cover art/illustration via CryptoSlate




The harsh conditions of the current bear market have put the existing investors in the sector and those who want to enter into a difficult situation. Solana has also experienced a serious decline in recent days. As we mentioned in last week’s article, the decline in Solana was exacerbated as several NFT platforms and ecosystem developers left the network.


This week, there was a rise led by the Solana community. The community managed to raise Solana by standing behind BONK, a Doge-Themed token.


The meme token BONK, which appeared on the Solana network, has announced that it will hold a massive airdrop. Announcing that it will distribute about 50 percent of its supply to the Solana community, crypto investors flocked to the project.


The cryptocurrency, which attracted great interest, realized an average daily volume of 6 to 10 million dollars. Investors started accumulating SOL as the airdrop conditions covered the Solana community. This situation brought with it a rise in the price of SOL.


Magic Eden, the largest NFT marketplace of the Solana ecosystem, made an interesting post about Bonk. The message was given that NFT trading can now be done with Bonk.


This rise of Solana and BONK is being viewed as a FOMO (Fear of missing out). Therefore, although things seem to be recovering for the moment, it is a matter of curiosity about what will happen after this effect ends.




NFT “Right-Click Discussion” from Cardano Founder


Source: Cryptobriefing




Discussions about whether NFTs are different from “right click and save” continue to be debated at the top of the market.


Crypto entrepreneur, blockchain developer, and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has updated his Twitter profile photo with a copy of Cardano NFT showing a drawing of himself.


After he did this, there was a big controversy in the community. Many did not like this kind of attitude towards digital art and the intellectual property rights of NFT.


There was a discussion on Twitter. Blakelock Brown, CEO of Cardano NFT marketplace JPGstore, said Hoskinson should buy a real NFT and thus set an example, as well as support the NFT industry. Hoskinson responded to Brown by saying that the NFT for him was nothing more than a lithograph of an original painting.




Turkey’s Blockchain-Based E-Wallet Statement


Image via Pixabay




Speaking at the opening of the Digital Turkey 2023 meeting, Vice President Fuat Oktay announced the government’s new services regarding the contents and public services to be integrated into e-government services. This new service enables citizens to enter e-government with digital identities created in the blockchain network. Also, the Vice president described this new service as a “first step”.


“With the login system that will work within the scope of the e-wallet application, our citizens will be able to enter the e-Devlet with a digital identity created in the blockchain network,” the vice president also added.


Citizens in Turkey can do almost all of their citizenship-related work via e-Government ( Nearly 7,000 services are offered in the e-government service, which is actively used by 62 million citizens. In addition, Turkey is one of the countries in the world where the interest in crypto is intense. Such an integration step by the government can be expected to increase participation in blockchain technology.




Pre-Sales From A P2E project ‘Calvaria’ Attracts Attention


Source: Calvaria




Calvaria, an up-and-coming fantasy-themed battle card game for investors, has raised more than $2.5 million in just a few months since its pre-sale began. The game with the token named RIA stands out in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) genre.


Only about 15 percent of Calvaria’s $400,000 RIA tokens remain. The RIA will act as the game’s default in-app currency. Just last month, an investor bought $97,500 worth of RIA tokens in one go. This shows the interest of the investors and the tokens can run out very quickly.


Calvaria is preparing to launch the fantasy-themed card game “Duels of Eternity” in Q2 of 2023. The game will feature industry-leading gameplay, best-in-class graphics, artwork, a rich and gripping story, plus universe insights. On the other hand, all this will be supported by the best crypto ecosystem in the field.


In addition, Calvaria is expected to be listed on many exchanges in the near future, as well as KuCoin.




The World’s First NFT Biennial Will Take Place at İstanbul


Credit: Zorlu PSM




The World’s First NFT Biennial will be held at İstanbul Zorlu PSM between 6–15 January. The event aims to strengthen the ties between the digital art world and the NFT ecosystem.


The event will also present various performances and experiences to its participants. It also offers many exciting areas, from media art performances, hybrid talks, VR/AR experiences to immersive art exhibitions through monitors and projectors.


The event features curators such as Julie Walsh, Soliman Lopez, and Atay İlgün, who stand out with their works in the field of digital art. In addition, the biennial, prepared by a curatorial team of 12 people from various parts of the world, offers the participants experiences about my time and place experiences. Among the supporters of the event are prominent figures of Web3 such as the world-famous open-source blockchain platform Tezos, The SandBox, Unicorn DAO,


More than 100 NFTs are expected to be exhibited at the event, in addition to 9 individual pavilions and physical galleries.



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