Argentina: IBM launches first NFT museum in the Latin American metaverse


Argentina witnessed the  NFT  ArtWeek of  Decentraland , an event in which a new exhibition was held at the UXArt museum house in the  NFT Metaverse . On this occasion, UXArt became the only museum representing Argentina and  Latin America  at this year's event.


The community  Web 3.0  was able to explore this space curated by outstanding masters who have taken art to new forms of dialogue and interaction with the viewer. All this through the simple use of their avatars. In this special edition, UXArt collaborated with two Argentinian masters to create new pieces of  generative art , which were hosted at  IBM Cloud.


IBM innovates with the metaverse and NFTs

These pieces are a reflection of the history of the format and how it has contributed to bringing human history and artistic collaboration closer together. They provide a more humane look at the Generative Artificial Intelligence, technology that is revolutionizing the art world.


The inspiration for this exhibition was drawn from the Venice Biennale, whose theme last year was  “The World is made of code”  (The world is made of code). Said biennial carried out thanks to IBM counted with the participation of prominent companies in the NFT auction such as  Sotheby's . Also present were Artnet, the Frida Kahlo Museum, and several world-renowned crypto-art projects.


In the  metaverso  of Decentraland, in its second edition, UXArt presented digital works of internationally recognized Latin American masters in the 1960s, which have been reconstructed in 3D formats.


Additionally, new pieces created with generative art were exhibited, using programming and algorithms to produce images printed on IBM machines many years ago. Among these pieces, the works created by Miguel Ángel Vidal and Eduardo MacEntyre in 1967 stand out, which marked the beginning of Generative Art.


Since 2019, UXArt has sought to be a cutting-edge art and technology laboratory. In 2020, he created the First Museum of  Mixed Reality  art on the IBM Cloud. Moreover, in  2021 , launched XReal, the first open-air NFT festival that illuminated the nature and landscape of Isla El Descanso in Tigre, Buenos Aires. He also presented the VIP experience at the conference of  Blockchain  most important in the region, "La Bitconf", in 2023.


Driving NFTs in Argentina and the rest of Latin America

Events  such as Decentraland's NFT ArtWeek and the shows organized by UXArt and curated by IBM  cloud  represent a valuable opportunity to boost the development of the NFT ecosystem in Latin America.


At the moment, UXArt is the only museum representing Argentina and Latin America in events of this magnitude. Such a feat reinforces the visibility of local artists and the region's relevance in the emerging NFT market. By promoting and exhibiting generative art and unique digital works, new avenues of income for artists In turn, the possibility of monetizing their work through the use of technology is democratized  blockchain .


The exhibition in the metaverse included works by prominent artists such as Marta Minujín, Gyula Kosice, Eduardo Mac Entyre, Miguel Ángel Vidal, Eduardo Rodríguez and Rogelio Polesello.


The hydrospace city of Kosice was also included, where they created an educational program that currently has the participation of more than 20,000 children. The initiative was recognized by the Ibero-American Association of Museums - Ibermuseos - as the most outstanding academic program of 2022.


In addition, the cryptoart artist Alberto Echegaray Guevara showed his version collectible of Pinocchio. A work of art about lies and corruption which was presented during the G20 in 2018 in the city of Buenos Aires. In this edition, the work was reconstructed in NFT format.


With this exhibition, UXArt and IBM continue to reinforce their commitment to integrate art and technology to offer the public unique and innovative experiences. Especially in this special year in which IBM celebrates its 100 years in Argentina.

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