Woohoo channel bets on Web3, games and crypto in grid reformulation


With more than 17 years of history, the  channel   Woohoo  is one of the main references in  television  for topics like surfing and skateboarding. Now, the project has begun an effort to modernize itself and attract new audiences, something that involves both changes in the programming schedule as well as in the channel's operations and presence on other digital platforms. New features include a new focus on topics such as  Web3 , crypto assets, games and e-sports.


In an interview with EXAME, Marcos Gueibel, who is chairman of the board of Woohoo's holding company, Brickto S/A, explained that this change is based on the channel's history of "giving voice to young people" at the time. If, in its origins, these young people were the ones who "kept skating, surfing, things that at that time were even poorly spoken", today this audience is closely linked to new technologies, and games and e-sports are gaining more and more popularity.


"The channel's history is very beautiful, serious and responsible. This Woohoo project boosted these sports [surfing and skateboarding] in Brazil, even forming great national champions", highlights Gueibel. However, he explains that it is necessary to understand that "young people have changed, technology has changed. They have other customs, and e-sports is part of that. So, we understood that Woohoo also needed to change".


Big news and programs


The first step in this reformulation was the creation of Wohoo Games, which focuses on the world of videogames, e-sports, technology and Web3. The project has already given rise to some programs that have entered the grid, and others should be launched during the second half of this year.


"Just as young people were given a voice back there, and this enhanced the habits of these young people in Olympic sports, we believe that the job is to give voice to the new young people, creating this narrative of being the young people's new home, just as MTV was a few years ago. The game is the new pop", says Gueibel.


The idea is that the new channel grid, currently being implemented, will be divided into the following division: 20% for so-called action sports, including surfing, skateboarding and lifestyle, 20% for games, technology and Web3, 20% for call behavior  Gen Z , with "content they love to watch", and 40% for  e-sports , with specific programs, coverage of events and competitions, and company-owned events.


One of the novelties planned is the so-called Minuto Cripto, which will consist of six to eight insertions throughout the channel's program and which will present a summary of the market of  cryptoactive  at that time, having a "more journalistic" focus. Another program will focus on the area of entrepreneurship on Web3, explaining how to use technology in business and its potential.


In addition, Gueibel explains that the programs will compose both linear programming on television and multiplatform content. The channel already has a streaming platform for its subscribers, where all programs will be available and can be watched at any time. It will also feature full live streaming of esports competitions, an advantage over television where there is a time limit on broadcasting.


According to the executive, many programs have already been recorded and produced, but still await the natural flow of television channels before launch, including the need for approval by  Ancine , the regulatory agency for the area. The idea is that more elements of the grid will go live by the end of August, with full implementation by the end of 2023.



Web3, in addition to programs


However, Woohoo's goal is to go beyond including the topic of Web3 and the world of crypto assets in its programming. Gueibel says ways are already being planned to use the technology in other elements of the company, and also as sources of revenue and public engagement.


One of them will be the trading of non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ). The forecast is that one of the programs will allow the buyers of these tokens to actively participate in the structure of the project, including choosing interviewees, participating in the recordings and also in the content that will be broadcast. The idea is to offer tokenized versions of accessories, including game peripherals, in addition to exclusives and discounts on purchases of physical items.


The focus of Woohoo and Brickto S/A on this point did not come out of nowhere. Gueibel comments that the holding already works with Web3 technology and de  tokenization  in other industries for over two years. One of the company's focuses is on real estate tokenization, with undertakings in the area and private offers for buyers.


He explains that "when testing the technology, we noticed a very large acceptance by our customer network". Currently, the holding also has a platform that seeks to encourage the use of Web3 in business, with tokenization and application of smart contracts. This insertion process in the segment led to contact with the world of blockchain games, which will also be covered on Woohoo.


"It is fundamental to have strategic alliances with players that have been in this field for a long time, since the beginning of the project, to interact with those who are already succeeding in the market", emphasizes the executive. At the same time, the idea is that Woohoo will help eliminate prejudice and "increase community awareness with the domain of using Web3", showing the full potential of the technology and encouraging its adoption.

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