Yuga Labs’ Otherside Metaverse Releases A 2D Strategy Game


The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s (BAYC) parent company Yuga Labs has released Legends of the Mara, a collection-based 2D strategy game with its companion collection. The game allows Otherdeed holders and players to claim a free Vessel and discover its potential.




The Legends Of Mara


The game picks up where the events of the 2nd Trip by Otherside Meta left off. In Legends of the Mara, players learn about Kodas, their origins, and their primal relationship with Otherside. 


To play Legends of the Mara, players will need at least one Otherdeed, a Koda, and possibly an apprentice Mara. Each Otherdeed holder can claim one Vessel NFT, which has different functions like hunting, farming, and enchanting. The Vessel NFT will be sent as a unique ERC-721 token and a new smart contract or NFT collection to the Otherdeed-holding wallet. The ERC-721 standard is a template that defines most NFTs on Ethereum.


The Kodas are the primary keepers of Otherside and are adept at farming, enchanting, and hunting. Vessels can evolve into apprentices called Mara. Under the right conditions and catalysts, the “Mara” entities can further evolve into skilled Kodamara. Mara and Kodamara are capable of helping to defend Otherside. However, their abilities are limited compared to the ancient Koda.


LOTM is powered by ApeCoin and will be driven by the celestial Odiac. It is a persistent 2D experience that will allow players to evolve their Mara into Kodamara, Yuga Labs stated while revealing the game. Early April will mark the start of the claim window for Vessels. 


ApeCoin Price On March 28| ApeCoinUSDT On Kucoin, TradingView
ApeCoin Price On March 28| Source: ApeCoinUSDT On Kucoin, TradingView


Before revealing a Mara, each Vessel will have a specific incubation period. The Maras that appear will serve the purpose of their Vessel. The three distinct Mara species that will emerge from the Vessels are Farmer, Hunter, and Enchanter.



Yuga Labs Is Building A Metaverse


The game builds on last summer’s First Trip, where Yuga Labs and Improbable could accommodate more than 4,300 people in the same real-time 3D world, utilizing the 3D audio software designed by Cambridge-based Improbable.


Yuga Labs is among the contenders trying to create an experience in the metaverse, the interconnected universe of digital worlds. The company hinted at Legends of the Mara last month. 




Chief Gaming Officer Spencer Tucker stated that 2023 would be a big year for the company’s metaverse.




Yuga Labs plans to develop Otherside as a metaverse to provide new and exciting user experiences. The Legends of the Mara is an expansion of Otherside’s metaverse.


The game promises to give players a deeper understanding of the Kodas and their relationship with Otherside. On March 27, Gucci said it would work with Yuga Labs to bring luxury items into the Otherside metaverse.


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