Binance presents special NFT from Brasileirão Assaí

Binance MeetUp brings together 240 users in São Paulo. Disclosure.


Binance performed its  second MeetUp in São Paulo , bringing together 240 people at Gexperience last Wednesday (22). The meeting is an initiative of the exchange to bring the crypto community closer to the team dedicated to Brazil and talk about blockchain, Web3, metaverse, NFTs, money, future and innovation.


The edition was even more remarkable than the previous one, as it featured two announcements for Brazilians: the Binance Card and the Season Pass 2023 of the Brasileirão Assaí, the first  NFT  of the main soccer league in the country.


Among the speakers for the evening were the general manager of Binance Brasil, Guilherme Nazar, the general manager of IRL Sports, Bruno Matos, and the manager of events for Binance in Brazil, Raul Villalobos.


Binance Card: payments using cryptocurrencies

The general director of Binance Brasil, Guilherme Nazar, started the event by presenting one of the most anticipated novelties by the Brazilian crypto public, the  Binance Card, launched in January 2023 in the country .


During his talk, Nazar explained the use and benefits of the exchange's cryptocurrency card, in addition to presenting a brief timeline of the history of money, from the time of barter to the present day, with cryptocurrencies.


He also commented on their origin, explaining that they emerged to solve problems in the areas of security, duplicate payment and jurisdiction, but that they still faced the challenge of tangibility and lack of practicality in payment methods.


Nazar commented that the Binance Card puts the applicability of cryptocurrencies into practice in everyday life, allowing people to use digital assets in common habits such as paying for a coffee, a plane ticket, shopping at the supermarket or any other regular expense.


Binance CEO talks with the community during an event in São Paulo.


The general director said that the Binance Card came to show that “crypto assets are for everyone, and to be used at any time, regardless of who the user is”.


In addition to making cryptos more usable, Nazar highlighted benefits offered by the Binance Card, such as being free of annuities, giving up to 8% cryptoback and allowing payment with up to 13 different types of tokens, in addition to the Real.


NFT and sports

The second speaker of the evening was IRL Sports General Manager Bruno Matos, who spoke about the impact of NFTs on football and the sports market. Bruno started his speech by mentioning that it was inevitable that technology would spread in the world of sports.


Although there was no prediction of when this would happen, the advent and development of blockchain already show how technology will change the relationship of fans with their teams and sports. Matos highlighted that it is already possible to see such changes more clearly, showing that involvement with sports becomes an integrated and immersive experience.


With the introduction of NFTs, fans, players and teams can create closer connections, generate new income streams and be empowered to do things they could never have imagined just a few years ago. Matos shared several successful examples, such as the Top Shot of the NBA, Manchester United and the Fan Token of Lazio, available on the Binance platform.


A good example of the success of the partnership between Web3 and sports is the Santos FC Fan Token, issued by Binance, which has established itself as one of the most traded globally, according to data from  CoinMarketCap . The performance reflects the issuance and listing of the asset by the brokerage firm, which favors liquidity. The club token that revealed Pelé and Neymar to the world is among the six largest in the world by market capitalization, with more than US$ 19 million.


Season Pass of Brasileirão Assaí 2023, new for football fans in Brazil

At the end of the night, Raul Villalobos, Events Manager at Binance Brasil, presented the Brasileirão Assaí Season Pass. The first NFT of the biggest football league in Brazil was created in partnership with Binance and Brasileirão Assaí 2023.


Villalobos showed that all Binance users, by performing the identity verification process, will be able to have the NFT of the championship. New users who complete identity verification are also eligible.


The NFT will offer exclusive benefits throughout the 2023 season. The launch is expected to take place close to the start of the championship, scheduled for April 15th.


Attendees at the Binance MeetUP had access to a variety of experiences. Everyone could see it up close and take pictures next to the Brasileirão Assaí cup, in addition to being able to participate in a quiz to win the broker's mystery box.


Binance clients took a photo with the Brasileirão cup at an event. Reproduction.

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