Crypto news: NFTs at Jorge Ben Jor's show, celebration at Hashdex and other news in the national crypto market


The companies of  cryptocurrencies  no  Brazil  are with several novelties in the market, one of them, is tickets in  NFTs  for the concert of Jorge Ben Jor in Campinas.  The singer takes the stage at the Expo D. Pedro Complex for a unique show on April 1st.


“In this show, we have something new. For the first time, promoters sold part of the tickets in NFT format, a form of marketing for major international shows and mega-productions in Brazil”, says Marceli Oliveira, superintendent of the Complex.


In the repertoire, País Tropical, Taj Mahal and other great hits mark the composer's return after nine years without performing in Campinas. The space at Expo D. Pedro will open at 9 pm for the audience to warm up, to the sound a DJ, before the show by Jorge Ben Jor, who takes the stage at 11 pm  There are still tickets available at Ticket 360 and anyone who wants to contribute 1 kg of non-perishable food on the day of the show is entitled to a discount on the solidarity ticket.


Who also has news is a  Hashdex  which celebrated the six month anniversary of the Hashdex ETF  Bitcoin  Futures (DEFI) this Wednesday (14). Company executives rang the bell on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to mark the official launch of the product,  developed in partnership with the manager Teucrium Trading and which has been available to North American investors since September last year.


It is worth mentioning that the product is a pioneer, because  was the first crypto ETF registered exclusively under the Securities Act of 1933 (Act 33)  – local regulation that allows the constitution of funds that invest in assets that are not necessarily considered securities – such as Bitcoin, for example.


“We are pleased with the success of the product in the United States. And, of course, we will continue to collaborate with regulators to help grow the crypto ecosystem within the traditional financial market. Soon, we expect a new step in the industry so that our product can become the first spot Bitcoin ETF in the USA. That is, that you can invest directly in cryptocurrency in cash”, comments Marcelo Sampaio, CEO of Hashdex.


Through the Hashdex Bitcoin Futures ETF,  investors can access Bitcoin's full long-term growth potential . And at the same time, be assured that your funds remain safe through Hashdex's transparent, risk-conscious and diligent approach to working with leading exchanges and custodians.




Already a  WEB3DEV  announced that it is starting the first community in Brazil of developers able to code in the  blockchain  da  Solana . Developers will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in Rust and React, learning to create applications in Solana, using the Rust language to develop smart contracts and React to build the user interface.


The Build release will happen on Friday, March 24th. In all, there will be ten classes that will be available on the same day of launch, and developers will have exclusive access to the community's Discord to participate, ask questions and improve their skills for free, allowing more people to have access to all content about Web3 produced in the community.


"This is just another step towards making Web3 education accessible in Brazil, we are all excited about the course. We have seen how blockchain knowledge can change people's lives and create incredible opportunities in different sectors. And that's what what we seek for our members: to offer the chance to learn and grow as developers, bringing new solutions and innovations to the market for free", says CEO, Daniel Cukier.


Upon completing the Build, DEVs will have the necessary skills to create an application in Solana, allowing users, with the network wallet, to easily interact with the developed platform. Developers who are interested in participating can access the site and register for free.


Another new feature is da  PretaHub  which has partnered with Deboo to promote the empowerment and entry of black entrepreneurs into this new economy, which is supported by blockchain technology and managed through smart contracts.


The intention of this partnership is to accelerate the development and autonomy of this community in Brazil, creating solutions with the most modern and innovative technology, communication and business generation. 


Among Deboo's main commitments in the project is helping to bring the hub's participants and other publics that relate to it closer to the main concepts of Web3, through the production of content and the development of products and services based on blockchain, enabling the application and practical experimentation of concepts and technologies.


The first delivery of the work consists of preparing content and educational materials that aim to bring the public to the hub and project enthusiasts closer to the concepts of the so-called third wave of the internet.  


At the beginning of the project, Deboo offered the teams a deep immersion in the theme and guided PretaHub members in co-creating solutions and possible ways of acting in this new digital universe.


Also in this first phase, a series of NFTs will be launched, created by an active and prominent artist in the PretaHub community, which will be marketed as sponsorship quotas for the hub's initiatives - it is the tokenization of support and sponsorship processes. 


Exclusive digital arts can be purchased by companies, which, in addition to ownership of the pieces and the possibility of using them in their communications, activations and social networks, will also receive in return a series of products and services offered by Preta Hub, which will from specialized workshops for the development of employees and leaders, called AfroLabs, to the participation of brands in a series of events held by the company, such as Feira Preta.


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