How to Obtain NFT Hero Cards in DeHeroGame


DeHeroGame is on fire! The pioneering staking card game has captured huge attention and ignited wide participation since debuting with exciting NFT hero adventures.


If you are still new to the game, here is how you can get yourself some NFT Hero cards and hop on the track of dominating this card multi-universe!


As the latest iteration of "Staking Card Game", DeHeroGame pivots on TCG playability and creates a multi-universe where over 100 NFT heroes come across countless parallel time and spaces to unite together and restore peace.


For you, dear players, this means rich gameplay to build powerful hero teams with endless NFT hero card combinations, devise broad strategies, defeat evil monsters, and take on unique adventurous quests!


Wanna rise to the challenges and obtain some FT and NFT rewards? Here is how you can obtain the NFT hero cards and get things started.


Direct Purchase

To begin with, there are NFT card packs with various prices and different quality probability for sale in DeHeroGame. As long as you have enough $MIX or $RPG ready, or any idle NFT hero card at hand, you are always free to trade for desired NFT hero cards in DeHeroGame in-game marketplace.



Once a purchase is done, you will find the NFT card pack in your backpack and get random NFT hero cards from it. Yes, it's that simple!


NFT Cross-Chain

For those of you who already have some DeHero NFT hero cards, here comes your chance to cross-chain them from the BNB Smart Chain to Rangers Mainnet, so that you can get new NFT hero cards to enjoy playing DeHeroGame.



Hero NFT cards of orange rarity and above can all be readily transferred via the “Cross-chain Bridge” feature on the DeHero BNB Homepage, maximally 50 cards at a time. Only make sure that you have enough $HEROES for this and note that the cross-chain operation is irreversible. To receive the cross-chained hero NFT cards, any Rangers Mainnet-compatible wallet will do!



It is also likely that you make some real close friends in DeHeroGame who would love to send you NFT hero cards as gifts. Yep, the adventure will always be full of surprises that you never see coming. Sharing is caring!


If you would like to be the one to send out NFT hero cards as gifts for pals, you might also want to make sure you've got the gas fees covered, as sending NFT card gifts will be an on-chain process.


And you know what, there will also be airdrops held by the DeHeroGame team from time to time. So stay tuned to our official media channels and get ready for some sweet gift NFT card packs. You can be the next winner!


NFT Rental

Last but not least, if you still haven't decided on buying a NFT hero card for your own, NFT rental can be a good choice for you! DeHeroGame NFT hero cards are now available for renting in the NFT marketof Rentero, an open-source NFT rental protocol. You will get to decide on the rental period of the desired NFT card and store it in your DeHeroGame backpack. Once you've paid the required $COIN mortgage, you can dispatch the NFT hero to a real battle!

To get your $COINs back, you will simply need to withdraw the NFT hero from its battle to your backpack. Visit "My Renting" under the Rentero Dashboard and you'll find the way to return the NFT cards. And here is a little reminder for you. If a rented NFT is not returned on time, it will be taken back to Rentero automatically and displayed as "Expired" in DeHeroGame, which will cost you your $COIN mortgage. Make sure you keep track of this and have the nice rental experience all you want!


Over 100 high-quality NFT hero cards are to be acquired, enhanced, upgraded, recharged, and equipped with skills to improve combat power and beat off challenges. Go get them and claim your victory in the DeHeroGame card multi-universe!


About DeHeroGame

DeHeroGame pioneers GameFi 2.0 through NFT adventures in a multi-universe. It pivots on TCG playability and is the latest iteration of “Staking Card Game”. Players unite 100+ NFT heroes from parallel time-spaces to confront PVE and PVP dungeon challenges and obtain FT and NFT rewards. DeHeroGame is the first gaming application on Rangers Mainnet, which supports ultimate decentralization, thrilling gaming experience, asset cross-chain, super low gas fee, and Web2-friendly solutions.

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