NFTs reach the Brazilian PET market: the first collection is launched and the blockchain industry enters the segment


NFTs have just arrived on the market for PET products in Brazil. Aiming at commercial expansion within the country and also abroad, BooDog innovated by becoming the first company in the segment to be tokenized.


In addition to being new in the country, it is also the first expansion of a creative line for PETs tokenized in NFTs worldwide.


With the advice of specialists from KLA Invest, the national base of an American group expert in the universe of tokens, the brand's first collection of NFTs was launched via live on the social networks of both companies.


The collection is now on sale. To access the NFTs, just access our website ( or click directly on the registration link.


Existing since 2016, BooDog has already launched several extremely exclusive products and takes innovation as the flagship of strategic decisions.


All items signed by the store prioritize functionality, design and quality. They are handmade and sold on e-commerce. There, mattresses, car seat covers, portable water fountain and more are available.


Before making new products available on the website, BooDog chooses to send the news to its most demanding customers to, after feedback, be included or not in the product catalogue.


Known for working with the best raw materials and finishes for PETs, the company is targeting investors to expand its activities after becoming established in the digital environment, which has formed a community of loyal consumers.


This time, BooDog's attention remains on digital – but in a different way: with investments in blockchain, launching the first IPO (initial public offering) tokenized in NFT for its clients and the entire market.


BooDog's manager, Alessandra Tiemi Miyada, explains that the decision is natural for the company, which has always sought to be ahead of the market in terms of creative solutions.


“A lot of research took place previously to develop the project, always prioritizing innovation and surprising options for PETs and their tutors. The market started to become more and more demanding and that only motivates us”, he says.


As for KLA Invest, the project with BooDog fit like a glove for combining help in fostering business expansion and participation in management.


“Investors will not only be investors, but “owners” of the operation. The famous “smart money”. As soon as we talked to Alessandra, we created an investment strategy that was not just about putting money in and taking it out”, argues Rodrigo Mastrangelo, country manager.


He adds that introducing clients to being more of a “partner” rather than an “angel investor” is more exciting for all parties.


“This way, a recurring revenue is created and an even greater affection for the brand”, he concludes.


Through the tokenization process and the acquisition of NFTs, the strategy consists of acquiring and holding a 50% stake in BooDog Shop.


Therefore, all people who acquire the NFT KLABD, as it was named, will be part of the composition of a Special Purpose Entity (SPE), duly registered and managed by KLA Invest.


Among the benefits of participating in the tokenization project is the fact that the digital asset represents a portion of a real asset. In this case, equity interest in a company already in operation.


Another decision taken to win over investors is the following: each NFT will receive 200% return on the total value of the share.


The print run of the first collection, which will be launched with 100 units, is limited and sequentially numbered. Once sold, no other similar NFT can be created and/or marketed.


What are NFTs?

The much talked about NFTs are already among us and their operation is simple to understand, even for those who are not familiar with topics such as cryptocurrencies, metaverse and others.


They are non-fungible tokens and refer to or represent different things, such as works of art, videos, music, GIFs, avatars and even memes – but which are unique in the world.


It is possible to print the screen or download the image, but it is not possible to own the original art in this way.


Original works can be highly valuable and rare, just as much as physical assets. However, there is only profitability if there is ownership of the exclusive good and proof of authenticity.


For context, there are thousands of significant recent examples given the growing relevance of NFTs.


The release of FIFA 2022 World Cup stickers in token format and the tokenization of Lollapalooza festival tickets are some of them.


The blockchain network, mentioned above, is a distributed database, shared between a network of computers.


As a database, blockchain is best known for its crucial role in cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin – it maintains a secure, decentralized ledger of transactions.


What's the innovation here? The guarantee of fidelity and security in the registration of data without the presence of a third party involved in the intermediary.

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