Bitcoin Overtakes Ethereum in NFT Sales with $49.74 Million Surge Despite Network Activity Dip




An in-depth look at Bitcoin’s rising dominance in the NFT market and the concurrent decline in network activity.



Bitcoin NFTs Lead the Market Surge


In an impressive development, Bitcoin has emerged as the frontrunner in the NFT sales arena, registering a remarkable 55.42% increase and bringing the total sales to $49.74 million. This surge highlights a growing interest in Bitcoin-based NFTs, a sector traditionally dominated by Ethereum.


However, this rise has not been without its concerns. A concurrent increase of 15.39% in wash trading, amounting to over $39,000, raises questions about the genuine trading volumes and the true market dynamics. Investors and stakeholders should remain vigilant about these artificial inflations.


Legitimacy Issues Plague the Market


With the rise in wash trading, concerns about the legitimacy of Bitcoin’s NFT market have escalated. Despite the increase in sales, the number of active buyers has plummeted by nearly 96%, with only 2,056 addresses engaging in transactions. This significant drop in participation underscores potential vulnerabilities and investor wariness within the market.



Ethereum and Other Blockchains in the NFT Space


While Ethereum saw a slight decline of 0.31% in NFT sales, falling to $35 million, it maintained a higher number of active buyers compared to Bitcoin. However, this figure still represented a notable 56.33% drop from the previous week. Meanwhile, other blockchains made noteworthy strides. Polygon experienced a robust 29.43% increase in sales, reaching $19.63 million, while Solana claimed the fourth position with $18.225 million in sales. Immutable X also showed strength with a 12.77% increase, further embedding itself in the NFT ecosystem.



Notable Collections Drive Market Dynamics


Among the various NFT collections, Quantum Cats on the Bitcoin network stood out, seeing a 51% rise in sales volume over the past month. The number of transactions for this collection also grew significantly by 33%, indicating strong market interest and engagement.



Declining Activity on the Bitcoin Network


Despite the booming interest in NFTs, the overall activity on the Bitcoin network has seen a notable decline. Data from Santiment reveals that daily active addresses on the Bitcoin network have dropped from 1.17 million to 613,000 over the past 30 days. This reduction in network activity can adversely impact miners’ revenue potential since fewer transactions translate to lower fees.


Miners may be compelled to sell their BTC holdings to stay profitable, introducing potential selling pressure on Bitcoin. Nonetheless, an increased interest from Bitcoin whales could help counteract this pressure and stabilize the market.





The recent surge in Bitcoin NFT sales positions it as a formidable player in the NFT landscape, traditionally dominated by Ethereum. However, the associated decline in network activity and rise in wash trading signal underlying challenges. As the market evolves, investors must stay informed about these dynamics to navigate the complexities of the crypto ecosystem effectively.

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