RBW token becomes CU as Crypto Unicorns migrates to XAI



Previously on PolygonLaguna Games’ flagship title Crypto Unicorns announced in January 2024 that it was moving to the Arbitrum-based L3 XAI blockchain, citing gasless transactions and smoother on-ramping as some of the reasons. Now the migration process has started, with the first step of migrating the RBW token successfully completed. 


Converted on a 10-to-1 ratio, the new token is called CU, and can be directly staked for 12 months at an estimated APR of 28%. Alternatively, holders can provide liquidity by staking the CU-ETH pair for an APR of 163%. This liquidity pool is also rewarded by GRAIL tokens – Grail is the DEX used for LP staking – and there is an additional reward of XAI and CU tokens via placement on a points-based leaderboard.





Next up is a game reboot of Crypto Unicorns on XAI, scheduled for June 2024. In preparation for the move, the Shadowcorn contracts are temporarily unavailable, as all assets will have to be bridged to the new network to be used in gameplay.


Since launching its basic farming mode in early 2022, browser-based Crypto Unicorns expanded to release jousting and shadowcorns gameplay, in addition to separate titles Rainbow Rumble and Unicorn Party. Notably, Unicorn Party is an umbrella of casual real-time multiplayer and mobile-first games including Bumpercorns and Mob Run.


In a previous interview in 2023 with BlockchainGamer, Laguna Games CEO Aron Beierschmitt shared more about the expansion of Crypto Unicorns.




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