Farias Brito invests BRL 500,000 in technology and launches metaverse for studies in astronomy


Initially, the platform, which integrates the physical and digital environments through virtual reality, will be used for Astronomy classes. Afterwards, the idea is to expand to the other disciplines


The Farias Brito Educational Organization invested around R$ 500 thousand in research and development of technology and innovation in the last 12 months. Among the projects is Metaverso FB, launched this Tuesday (21), at Aldeota, in Fortaleza. 


Initially, the platform, which integrates the physical and digital environments through virtual reality, will be used for Astronomy classes. Afterwards, the idea is to expand to the other disciplines.


According to Orlando Lustosa, FB's innovation manager, the project, which should be implemented in school activities in the second half of the year, was specifically designed to help students prepare for the astronomy Olympics. 


"Several companies are making efforts to create their virtual environments. Companies in Germany are making a music metaverse, where bands will play, others is to create a more social environment. The idea is to create an immersive experience with a specific purpose in the digital world. In our case, we are creating an experience in virtual reality with pedagogical functionality that involves astronomy and interactive and we will have a meeting of objectives", he said. 


"The fact that it takes place in the metaverse shows that we will have interactivity between people, virtual reality and immersion", he added. 


At first, the project should be used with students aged 13 and over, and should focus only on astronomy. However, Lustosa commented that, by understanding the demands and applications of this new teaching tool, Farias Brito will be able to expand the use of this new virtual reality.


The tool should then be discussed with professors of other disciplines, such as physics and biology. 


"We're going to start with an astronomy Olympiad class and we still don't have an answer on the routine question because everything here is an experience and we have to take into account several aspects, such as the time of use of the equipment, the minimum age for safe use and others. The world is still looking for answers, so we are careful to take this step," he said.


"Astronomy is a discipline that we always use 3 dimensions, so we can do specific training for some Olympics and do a specific activity", he added. 


Caption: Farias Brito launches a tool in the virtual environment to help students teach astronomy
Photo: Thiago Gadelha



Initially, the South, Aldeota and Central units will be the first to have the project, which will also undergo analyzes by students and teachers to discuss the adaptation time before being taken to other locations.


"It will be applied in all units. We will start in 3 units, which are South, Aldeota and Central, and then we will expand. Until we understand how the technology settles down and the students learn to use it, along with the teachers. It has a learning curve," he said. 



FB's innovation manager also highlighted the investments in technology made by the school in recent years.


"Investment in new technologies is BRL 500 thousand in the last 12 months, and this is one of the main investments. Innovation and technology is an aspect that Farias Brito values very much, so much so that we are one of the few schools in Brazil that has a sector of innovation," he said.

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