MetaMundi creates virtual space at the International Architecture Convention in Rio



This Tuesday (21st) and Wednesday (22nd), MetaMundi, a multiservice agency that creates architectural, artistic and experiential bridges between brands and the metaverse, will participate in the 7th Mica Meeting - International Architecture Convention, at EXC Rio, Jockey Club, Jardim Botânico - RJ.


For the event, created and produced by architect Michelle Beatrice, Mica, the first woman to bring a virtual showroom space to the field of civil construction, MetaMundi created "Jornada Web 3.0", an interactive space that will give access to the metaverse through of Web3 technology. In addition, stations will enable a world of immersive experiences with the most innovative features in this ecosystem: virtual reality with quest 2.0 glasses, augmented reality through software on tablets, holography with NFTs by Beto Gatti from Rio de Janeiro, one of the leading Brazilian artists to make use of this new and revolutionary way of expressing art, and in the augmented reality station, a QR Code will give access to a work created by the artist Clélio de Paula.


Mica's Metaverse will allow people from all over to participate, watching the retransmission of educational content and networking rounds through a dynamic mix of entrepreneurship, connecting entrepreneurs, academics, companies and authorities from different parts of the world.


For this year's theme, “Transforming Places and Bringing People Together”, MetaMundi will also present a major innovation for the real estate market on the digital frontiers of the redefinition that the metaverse will cause in the foundations of the real estate and architectural industry. The platform chosen for the event was Spatial, precisely because of the unrivaled characteristics of the availability of social interaction tools and the graphic quality of the software. The use of the platform was designed with a view to its use for the creation of open houses and technical visits to architectural projects built in the metaverse. MetaMundi's goal is to work on emerging technologies that support the perpetuation of ideas and creative solutions through metaverse platforms, where items are immutably registered on the blockchain.


Another important point of the Mica Meeting: the conservation of historical heritage through the metaverse


With a creative team made up of true artists, another important point that Metamundi has to offer is a unique look that unites architectural, artistic and technological concepts in a cohesive and unique way, as can be seen in the project created by chief meta-architect Fábio Ema, to the “NFT.Rio” event - where a digital copy of the Parque Lage tourist spot was made; the metaverse becomes a solution to the question of the immortalization and perpetuation of concepts - a solution that, in addition to allowing the conservation of historical cultural heritage, at the same time allows the democratization of access to them.


For Byron Mendes, co-founder of MetaMundi, through Metaverso we will witness a re-signification of the relationship between people and the environment in which we are inserted, and, in the coming years, life will gradually become increasingly digital, with users migrating activities from physical to virtual reality.


"Considering social relations, as we saw during the Covid-19 pandemic, even though people will get closer and closer through screens, as territorial distance will become an irrelevant factor. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity to present possibilities for creating virtual environments for clients to access architectural projects. We want to bring a layer of interactive experiences to projects that were previously on paper. In addition to creating spaces in the market for creating virtual environments and selling them to companies that want to enter the metaverse. Our technological solutions increasingly flirt with the concept of smart housing", concludes the entrepreneur.


About the Mica Encounter

The experiment grew and, after six successful meetings, the entrepreneur Michelle Beatrice, Mica, will have a new look, becoming a large business HUB with 100 speakers, among them architects, engineers and renowned designers such as Índio da Costa, Anibal Sabrosa, Carlos Fernando Andrade, Vicente Loureiro, Miguel Fernández y Fernández, Ana Borelli, Washington Fajardo, Secretary of Environment and Climate of Rio de Janeiro, Tainá de Paula.  Website .

About MetaMundi

Performs virtual experiences tailored for companies; from virtual offices and concept stores to entertainment spaces and NFT galleries. Team specialized in virtual creation and blockchain technology. It offers the complete metaverse service to transform ideas into reality, supporting from the brainstorm to the final release. (with Press Office)

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