Xuxa Majestic releases 'OVERDOSE', new album created beyond the metaverse


The singer Xuxa Majestic released last Friday (06) the project “OVERDOSE”, her new studio album. The disc has 15 tracks and according to the artist is  “surgical in its lyrical part ”. Xuxa is part of the creators of the metaverse, a new field of artists that have been growing with the rise of games like GTA RP and other virtual communities.


Xuxa Majestic  began her musical career through the modality of  roleplay  of the game GTA V, in which players can assume the experience of their characters through voice chat. She started playing as a judge within a city, as game servers are called, but soon realized that it wasn't her area:  “I had to go after it, and I am very grateful to everyone who was part of this journey towards the development of a  roleplay  artistic ”.


Xuxa is also present on social networks “in real life”, that is, which are in real life.

The universe of  roleplay  within GTA allows creators to express their artistic side, whether through acting, singing or modelling. Xuxa says that people outside of GTA do not take the content very seriously, but that “ OVERDOSE is proof that it is possible to do work well done and be recognized for it ”. For her, music is music, regardless of whether the singer is in a game or not.


The creator claims that art has always been something she loved to do. She sees in the character Xuxa a “ different opportunity ”, in which there is the possibility of also being recognized as a singer through a character of one  game . “ The character Duny, by the genius Raony Phillips, achieved his prominence and popularity through magnificent work and a strong personality. I believe that Xuxa can also do it through her songs, I strive for that ", exemplifies.


On the album, Xuxa emphasizes the versatility of her songs through sound and themes. For her, it is possible to touch on delicate subjects but maintain the identity of  pop music . She says that  “even with this weight in the lyrics, the songs continue to have a commercial footprint. It's able to play in a ballad and you don't even realize it's a song made for an online game, that's why I love OVERDOSE ”.


OVERDOSE  is now available for streaming via the website . The singer is also preparing a virtual tour, between January and April, through the cities of RP  Antares CityLong BeachSKT City  and among others.

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