The Future of CyberFi


For the past few months we have been quiet on the Warlock front so we are here today to let the CyberFi community know what is happening on Warlock and to let you know what the future holds for the $CFi token and Samurai.



Warlock has been a very, very big effort internally. Spanning over 15 months of development and over $1m USD invested, we originally thought of Warlock as somewhat of a version of Zapper or Zerion that would go beyond and allow users to automate the most tedious parts of the DeFi experience. The goal was to provide the best solution across both CEXs and DEXs.


Early on we chose a semi-centralized infrastructure, which did sound the most compelling at the time. The ability to export private keys would give users the security angle and give us the ability to automate activities properly. Looking back, this decision was actually the wrong way to go about it and it created a thousand smaller problems later in development. We weren’t a CEX nor a DEX, trying to keep that equilibrium meant difficult architecture that would supposedly be the best of both worlds, but ended up mostly just carrying the worst tech problems.


We have gone through 2 full-size teams with separate CTOs, many design iterations, working deeply on UI/UX and the overall feel of the platform. The development teams continued stumbling into problems. There was always a new issue that would arise. I’ve been fighting through this as much as I could, micro-managing at times, trying to find short-cuts. But the solutions never came. Even as we progressed and made a lot of the functionality much better, we were still running into problems and there was still no feel of a completed product.


Although I believe we did have great ideas, we’ve lost long-term not only with the speed of development, but what is even worse, the timing. As Warlock this was filled with amazing, unique features a year ago, right now the market for tooling has grown exponentially with many parties taking bites at the same pie.


It saddens me to say, we are closing down Warlock development. We will keep it operational until the end of October so anyone that has tested it and created a Cyber Wallet, please go into and withdraw your assets or “export private key”.


If you have any problems, please head over to and we will help. Thank you for supporting us.



The Future of Samurai

Effective immediately, I will also be stepping down from Samurai Launchpad and ‘Ham’ will be taking over as CEO with support from Appi. He has done some great things developing Samurai’s network of partners and has some great ideas for innovation in the launchpad space. $CFi will maintain its launchpad utility and Ham will introduce some exciting new features that will add more utility to $CFi than it has ever had.


Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the Samurai transition in the days ahead.


$CFi Liquidity

We have been following the trading patterns of arb. bots on BSC and Fantom and have witnessed them siphoning the liquidity by buying on one chain, bridging to another chain and selling there.


From this point forward, we will consolidate $CFi liquidity back on Ethereum. The BSC, FTM, and Polygon versions of $CFi will still exist, but the official pool supported by Samurai will be on Ethereum. We will go back to the other chains, and possibly new chains, when things are ironed out and we have cash to add liquidity. When things are settled we will launch a plan to rollout LP staking rewards once again.


Again, we are deeply sorry that Warlock did not work out the way we all had hoped, but we are also happy that Ham has stepped to the plate to takeover Samurai.



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