‘Agoriaverse’ by Agoria x The Sandbox


We’re partnering with Agoria, the French multi-disciplinary artist and DJ, to create a conceptual “Agoriaverse” in The Sandbox. The goal of the collaboration is to transpose Agoria’s ideas and concepts into his LAND in The Sandbox to produce a unique metaverse experience that reflects the diversity of his talents and his vision.


Agoria, aka Sébastien Devaud, is an electronic music producer, composer, and DJ whose interests include contemporary art, fashion, AI, and poetry. He has made four albums including “Blossom” (2003), “The Green Armchair” (2006), “Impermanence” (2011), and the soundtrack to the movie “Go Fast”, which have amassed more than 25 million streams on Spotify. Agoria is known for his ‘drift’ musical style, a new genre expressing freedom in musical taste, encouraging listeners to flow between genres while allowing artists to have creative space. His entrance in The Sandbox represents a project that will bring together art, philosophy, and music in an interactive experience


The Agoriaverse will center around a Jungian mandala, with circular layers on multiple levels surrounding a symbolic totem tree. The artistic vision is in harmony with Agoria’s concepts of science and art, chrysalis and butterfly, and a totem with roots.


One Life Two Bodies is meant to be a sacred space, one that has reconciliation at its core. The reconciliation of two worlds: On one hand, the transcendence of our virtual selves, and on the other, our physical and biological state of existence. In other words, the immanence of code in life— Sebastien Devaud


View the new Agoria x The Sandbox “One Life, Two Bodies” teaser trailer here:



Stay tuned for more updates!

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