BullPerks: Humanode is launching to the moon with BullPerks!


🚀 Humanode is launching to the moon with 🐂 BullPerks!

🔺 Humanode is a new-age crypto-biometric network that integrates pioneering cryptography with private biometrics and blockchain technology. This exciting project brings decentralization, Sybil resistance and innovative governance models to the blockchain industry using biometric technology.


🌍 Humanode also strives to create a decentralized system that not only stands strong, but endures for years to come – essentially building foundations on people who make the world unique.


🟩 Learn more about the IDO in our latest article:

👀 Don't miss out! Our upcoming announcements will reveal even more exciting details about this amazing project.


🔒 Humanode IDO deal is subject to the new BullPerks self-regulation policy for a safe lDO launch.

Important links:


🟢 How to get started


🟢 DYOR guide


🟢 Register here

🔗 Humanode Official Links 🔗
🌐 Website
📄 Whitepaper
👉 Twitter
👉 Telegram
🎮 Discord
📹 YouTube
💼 LinkedIn
🤖 Reddit



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