[Avalaunch] We are proud to announce our support for Battle for Giostone


🤝 We are proud to announce our support for Battle for Giostone, a game that will push past novelty and demonstrate that the potential of crypto gaming is being understood & implemented.


"Paradoxically, technological advancements often lead to a reduction in the design quality of games."


The excitement created through crypto being simply grafted onto games has already run its course.


For GameFi to evolve, teams need to unearth gaming experiences that couldn't have existed before. Mechanics that depend on the technology, but are not created by them. In our opinion, Battle for Giostone will begin to redefine GameFi.


🌐 Links


🖥 Battle for Giostone Website

🏛 Battle for GioStone Forum

🕹 Battle for Giostone Twitch

🤖 Battle for Giostone Discord

🐣 Battle for Giostone Twitter



Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | YouTube

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