[Gods Unchained] Mortals,1M $GODS surprise rewards are ready to be claimed

[Gods Unchained]


🚨Mortals,1M $GODS surprise rewards are ready to be claimed👏💯 




👉 Visit godsunchained.com/token/claim

👉 Sign into your Gods Unchained account

👉 Select a wallet from the list that is qualified for rewards

👉 Click “Claim.” 


🔮 https://playgu.co/ms2106


Players will receive a reward as a % of the amount of tokens that were Staked


👉 The avg $GODS rewards for the Surprise Rewards is 33%


👉 The avg $GODS rewards for the first month of Ongoing Rewards is 54%


🤩 Stake your $GODS token to be eligible for the ongoing gods’ blessings


👉Ongoing rewards begin at the start of each week


👉Dates for July 2022 were as follows: 13-19, 20-26 and so forth until 12th Oct 2022


👉Each periods’ rewards depend on how many players are eligible and how many $GODS they are holding


Mortals, let’s get STAKING 💯

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