Everything About The Upcoming $SNFTS Airdrop


“You can always start from humble beginnings. You just gotta start!”


Seedify at its core represents all the underdogs out there, who started with little in their hands and made through against all odds.


Our humble beginning with $SFUND token, started with a one person team, from a free airdrop, which grew into an over 80+ team, who are working behind the scenes day and night to bring mass adoption to Blockchain Gaming, NFT, and Metaverse verticals. Supporting advancements to bring blockchain innovations meet with the entertainment industry, and sharing the financial opportunities herein with our massive community.


We want to herein share you how the first airdrop of Seedify did ($SFUND), and then go forward with what to expect from $SNFTS. Those who have held onto their initial $SFUND airdrops, as well as joining the 4 whitepaper quizzes, made 1100 $SFUND at the start. These initial airdrops seen about 18150$ value at the 2021 market all time high. Considering that we had continuous staking and farming pools with very high APYs as well as lots of IGOs which brought great ROI returns during 2021; its fair to say that $SFUND airdrop has been the biggest airdrop of the previous year in the whole blockchain space.


A couple months ago, we have announced a second free airdrop: $SNFTS, for $SFUND stakers and farmers as well as for NFT community and partners.


We have taken 5 snapshots for SFUND stakers and farmers at the time.


As well as announcing Neo Tokyo (founded by Alex Becker) and JRNY Club (founded by JRNY Crypto) as the first partners for NFT community snapshots.


Let’s now continue on with our journey by answering the most important questions regarding $SNFTS airdrop!




The airdrop will take place on 21st of August, claimable from a page within our website.



Will there be a vesting period?

In order for limiting the pressure, and having new airdrop participants in the NFT communities to continue watching the progress of Seedify NFT Space, 25% of the allocated amounts will be claimable at the start, and each consecutive month the vesting will be 25%.



Will there be staking and farming pools available at the start?

Yes. We will be having both staking and farming pools available from the very first hour. In the beginning, especially the farming pool will have high amount of rewards locked in it, so we can create a huge liquidity from the get go, to make sure $SNFTS token has a healthy trading economy.


Staking pool APYs will be static and locked with the APYs defined as below:


● 14 days: 7% APY

● 30 days: 10% APY

● 60 days: 20% APY

● 90 days: 30% APY

● 180 days: 40% APY



What kind of utilities will $SNFTS have?

The first utility will be whitelist allocations from NFT launches we have at the Seedify NFT Launchpad. From each NFT launch, 60% of the whitelists will go towards $SFUND stakers and farmers, 30% will go towards $SNFTS stakers and farmers, and 10% will go to public participants who help the launches go viral through built-in social media sharing mechanisms.


The second utility will be 50% commission fee reduction in the upcoming Seedify NFT Marketplace. The marketplace’s focus will be on the Metaverse assets in the beginning, with a very customized experience and events for this specific area compared to marketplaces out there. As we increase the volume of the marketplace, we will also start to onboard gaming NFTs too, so it comes again with a very defined experience for in-game items. Our end goal with the marketplace will be to make it the holy grail of NFT gaming and all sorts of Metaverse-ready items, with categorization, features and user interface welcoming ease of adoption and usage.


The third feature, will be the burning mechanism for $SNFTS, and the buyback mechanism for $SFUND.



When $SNFTS is being used for commission reduction in the NFT marketplace;


● 50% of it will be burning,

● 25% of them will be spent for purchasing NFTs to drop,

● 25% of it will be going back to the treasury.



When a user does a trade. without using $SNFTS for commission reduction in the NFT marketplace:


  1. 50% of the fees will go towards stables & coin treasury,
  2. 25% of the fees will go towards $SFUND buybacks,
  3. 25% of them will be spent for purchasing NFTs to drop.



Fourth utility will be Random NFT drops for those who are doing trades in the Seedify NFT marketplace, buying and selling items to be specific. These drops will be random in nature, so our marketplace users can have something else to look for in each trade. The exact mechanism of how the RNG will work here will be announced close to the NFT marketplace launch.


Besides these utilities, passive income through staking and farming will be also available from the first day, and we will continue to add more utilities to $SNFTS as Seedify NFT ecosystem grows bigger, by listening to the community as well as looking out for what would be great utilities to have going forward.



What are the benefits of Seedify doing partner SNFTS airdrops for NFT communities?

Since Seedify has been mainly about Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse space until now, for each NFT launch to get the reach and volume they deserve, we should be welcoming the people who have been prominent members of the NFT community. It will mean more word of mouth and more virality for each NFT project we launch, increasing the likelihood for strong secondary market action/volume in the process.


There are many other benefits to welcoming the already flourishing NFT community to the Seedify with open arms, because in NFTs just like in crypto, community is everything!



Which other NFT communities will be eligible for $SNFTS airdrop?

Our aim is to reach at least 100.000 unique NFT community members with the $SNFTS airdrop. The full list of all the NFT communities which will be eligible for the drop will be announced prior to the drop, one by one.



Where will $SNFTS listed first?

The first listing will take place in Pancakeswap, with the farming pool opening in the first hour of the listing so we can create the liquidity needed at the very beginning. After that we will be announcing some CEX listings as well to make sure we can push the available options for trading $SNFTS.



What will be the listing price of $SNFTS?

That will be decided with a community poll, just like we did with $SFUND prior to its launch.



What to expect until 21st of August?

There will be quite a few awareness and marketing related campaigns going on so there can be lots of eyes on the $SNFTS launch. We are also starting to increase our collaboration efforts with NFT influencers and communities.


Besides, our development team is working on upgrading quite a few things with the NFT Launchpad. Our NFT Marketplace is also in its alpha stage, as a working product in the staging environment; we will be working on extending the features of that, so to release it in a well-presented state not so long after the $SNFTS launch.


Lastly, we are talking with many projects to hold their NFT launches with our BD team, we established the connections with more than 3 due diligence teams on this front, so that the launches are carefully researched and brought to you after that.


As we are diving deeper into the NFT journey of Seedify, we want to unleash a very strong community presence behind our NFT product ecosystem.


Thank you for your unlimited patience once again, while expecting this airdrop. We feel that the stars are aligning for a great future waiting to be unfolded.


Best Regards,

Seedify Team

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