MARKET CAP : $5,607,185,562,796.5
NFT Volume(7D) : $66,947,433.8
ETHGas : 4Gwei
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Illuvium Guide for Beginners / What's the Illuvium and How To Play [11]
What is the Illuvium game?Illuvium is an MMORPG NFT game (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) built on Ethereum Blockchain and is now available on PC only. In Illuviums gameplay, players can explore a fantasy open world to unearth regions where Illuvials dwell and capture them to form a team fight.Being a blockchain-based crypto game, Illuvium offers more than just a conventional game by providing a prospective new revenue stream where players can immerse themselves in a play-to-earn feature. How to Play Illuvium?If you want to start playing Illuvium right away, here are basic steps to follow: Step 1: Go to and click “Register” to create a new accountStep 2: Fill in all required information for your accountStep 3: Confirm the registration at your emailStep 4: Download and Install Illuvium to start a game  How to make money on Illuvium?In Illuvium, Play-to-Earn players may require gaming skills to be profitably successful. Here might be some promising means on how to make money on Illuvium. Option 1: Line up a strategic Illuvial team and enter battle arena or tournaments for matchmaking with other players. The victory will be prized with ILV tokensOption 2: Instead of taking part in the fighting mode, you can just place a wager on the outcome of those bouts using your ILV tokens instead. The correct anticipation will be rewarded with ILV tokens, whilst the incorrect anticipation will result in the loss of your tokens.Option 3: As previously said, hunting for Illuvials for sale in IlluviDEX is a straightforward Play-to-Earn method in Illuvium. If you trade newly found and uncommon Illuvials that are the first registered on Illuviary, your profits will be significantly boosted. Is Illuvium Free to Play?Illuvium provides users with a free-to-play option on a Tier 0 server that they can use as a trial game experience to get a feel for the game and make practical preparations. As a result, certain funds are required to purchase in-game NFTs in order to join in the real Illuvium battlefields, in which all courageous gamers are taking part.  What is lluviDEX in the Illuvium Gameplay?After reading this, you may have a better sense of how extensive and unique Illuvium gameplay is, not to mention the battle system, crafting system, mining system, and other systems. IlluviDEX is a conspicuous feature that is unavoidable to bring up in conversation. IlluviDEX is an NFT marketplace for Illuvium that is managed by the DAO. Players are permitted to trade any in-game NFTs such as Illuvials, weapons, armour, skins, and many other items here. Further, these Illuvium NFTs, like many other NFTs, can be exchanged in other blockchain-based marketplaces, making them particularly attractive to investors.  Illuvium Token (ILV) Illuvium Token, often known as ILV, is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is used as an engine to fuel the Illuvium ecosystem and a reward for accomplishing missions. In addition, ILV holders can trade their tokens in for sILV, a virtual currency that can be used within Illuvium. The ILV token has its hard limit of supply at 10,000,000 units. According to, the recent Illuvium crypto’s price on February 17, 2022, is USD665.0.    What is Illuvium Token (ILV) used for?ILV token holders can utilize the tokens for mainly two purposes:  Staking: ILV token can be staking in by using an Ethereum Wallet with both ILV tokens and ETH tokens as a gas fee.Governance Purpose: Holding ILVs will entitle players to become members of the Illuvium DAO, responsible for voting on all in-game proposals for future improvements.  How to Buy ILV IlluviumThose who have finished reading the above section and are interested in investing in ILV can begin trading with Zipmex right away. 
How to Start Decentraland / Guide For Beginners [4]
 If you’re looking to visit Decentraland for the first time, the first thing you’ll need to do is navigate to the official website and click "Start Exploring" in the top right-hand corner. Connect a crypto wallet that you already own, or just enter as a guest.  You will need to do this on a desktop, as Decentraland is not yet supported on mobile devices. Avatar creationNow comes your first chance to get creative and relive your childhood on Sims by constructing an image of a human to serve as your avatar: your personal emissary in the virtual world. Avatar creation ( When you eventually get bored of mixing and matching mustaches and tiaras (you can and should give your character an eye patch), you just have to pick a name and you’re good to go. Remember, you can always change your appearance inside the game by going to the start menu and looking in your backpack. So don’t worry about your shoe color too much. You will start in the Genesis Plaza – a kind of town square. You will be surrounded straightaway by other people’s avatars, but don’t panic. A floating mentor named Alice will jump in and start offering you advice on how best to begin your journey through the virtual world. Keyboard controls in Decentraland The system is very familiar to most computer-based games: Direct your gaze using the mouse. Move around using the arrows or W-A-S-D keys. Press V to switch between first and third-person views. Space to jump. If you are not familiar, or you forget any controls, just press C to bring up a reminder of them. You can start talking to other users through the chat function, or by pressing T and talking into your microphone. Now you have an avatar to do your bidding in Decentraland and you’re ready to start making waves. But what waves should you make? And how? Here are some tips to keep you going. What to do in DecentralandThe two central elements of Decentraland are LAND and MANA. LAND is the name of the non-fungible asset associated with the virtual space in the environment you are now exploring. When you buy a "parcel" of LAND, you acquire a specific bit of the virtual environment. It has coordinates to identify it. You can take your avatar there. You can build virtual things on it. You can link it up with other users’ parcels to create "districts" and collaboratively create structures or experiences. In theory, the value of the parcels should go up as more users join the platform: The number of parcels is fixed at 90,000.