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API introduction

P2E Game APIs

Designed to be clear, concise, and easy to integrate, P2E Game APIs aim to reduce the complexity of high-availability applications and shorten development time. P2E Game APIs are based on the HTTPS protocol and are POST APIs, which use SHA256 algorithms to create digital signatures, accept JSON-encoded request bodies, and return JSON-encoded responses. The API request includes the URL of API in the path, and request parameters in the request body.

Calling an API

To integrate with P2E Game, you need to first make preparations contact us and get your app key.
Environment Domain

Parameter Description

Field Name Type Description Must Field
app_key string App Key *
hash string Digital signature *

Message fields

Read the following chapter for general information of message fields, such as data type, common data structure, and processing rules of special characters.

Data type

This following table describes the data types supported by P2E Game.
Data type Description
String A sequence of bytes.
Email Email format
URL URL format
Datetime Date time as defined by RFC3339. For example, 2020-01-01T23:59:59+08:00
Date A three-part value (yyyyMMdd) designating a time point in time.
Boolean The boolean value can be either true or false.
Integer A numeric value without a decimal.
Decimal A numeric value with a decimal.
Array A homogeneous data structure (elements have same data type) that stores a sequence of consecutively numbered objects--allocated in contiguous memory.

Processing rules of special characters

The following rules are about how to process special characters enclosed in the message.


For byte data, such as the signature and the encrypted content, encode the data with the base64 algorithm before transmitting.


For URL data, perform URL encoding first before transmitting. For example:
Original URL:
Converted URL: