Hibiki run is a Free-to-play, Move-to-earn game in which users listen to music and earn tokens. Blockchain game Polygon. The developers decided to expand the possibilities of M2E by listening to music while playing sports as a basis. If earlier in similar applications users bought NFT sneakers, then Hibiki run offers NFT headphones. Hibiki (響) is a Japanese word meaning "sound", "resonance", and "harmony". In addition to headphones, bags (Pouch) and amulets (Omamori) will be available in the game. Three tokens are available in the game: $HUT is a utility token, $HBK is a control token, $MATIC is the main token on the network Polygon. The project tokens have not yet been listed on the exchange.


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How to make money Hibiki run?

After you have installed the game Hibiki run on your smartphone (Android, IOS), go through a simple registration and log into your account. At the very beginning, you will be offered to open the first gachapon, as the case is called in the game, from which you will receive your first basic headphones for free. Now that you have your headphones in Hibiki run you can listen to music and accumulate minutes for the distance traveled, and only during these minutes the player has the opportunity to receive bags (Omamori), maximum 60 min, after that the bags will no longer fall out, and the player will also receive $HUT tokens. Players recommend pouring the received points into the quality of headphones and repairs. The higher the quality of the headphones, the more ruffles (opportunities to spin the lottery) the player receives (suitable for NFT headphones). At the moment, the lottery is the only way to accumulate the $HBK token. Music style depends from the type of headphones about which a little later, the language in which the songs will sound depends on which country you are in, the application will know about this when you share your geolocation with it. To listen to music, you need to press "Listen", to play sports with music, press the "Workout" button.




Completing daily tasks to overcome 60 minutes of listening to music / day or the norm of mobility (playing sports), you get a certain amount of tokens, which depends on the rarity of your headphones. Headphones can be of such types of rarity as:

  • Dope
  • Rebel
  • The Mirage,
  • Fantom
  • Soul
  • Legendary
  • Titan



Each pair of headphones can reach the maximum level 15. Only upon reaching level 15 can you boost the headphones to rarer ones. When leveling up, headphones get additional attribute points.


Headphone types

There are three types of headphones, each with unique characteristics.

Basic headphones:

  • Each registered user receives such headphones;
  • Cannot be withdrawn to an external wallet until you upgrade their rarity to Rebel or higher;
  • You can't mint new headphones until the Rebel rarity level or higher has increased.

Regular headphones:

  • Can be withdrawn to an external wallet;
  • You can mint new headphones.

Genesis Headphones:

  • Can be obtained in the whitelist as a reward for a certain role in the community Hibiki run or in a lottery machine;
  • Can be withdrawn to an external wallet;
  • You can mint on new headphones;
  • Other bonuses not yet announced by the developer.


Headphone styles

Now you can return to the styles of headphones, there will be as many as 5 varieties in the application, each of which corresponds to a specific genre of music in training mode:

  • Electric: Electric / House;
  • Storm: Rock / R&B / Soul;
  • Water: Jazz / Pop / Classical;
  • Fire: Hip Hop / Rap;
  • Gold: All genres.


Headphone properties

All headphones have properties that affect different aspects of your gaming and collecting.

Quality: Affects the generation of the $HUT token during sports. Higher quality headphones will generate more $HUTs.

Sensitivity: Affects the level of chances when collecting bags (Pouch) in the listening mode. Headphones with higher sensitivity are more likely to get Pouches.

Comfort: Affects the daily energy limit in the lottery. Headphones with increased comfort will increase the daily prank energy limit.

Endurance: Affects headphone battery life. Devices with higher endurance will have longer battery life.

Omamori (御守) is an amulet that brings good luck, but in the game Hibiki run it can greatly increase the property score of headphones. However, the amulet is not eternal - after equipping it, the destruction of the amulet begins, the life of which can last from 2 to 7 days. Charms have the same styles as headphones, so you need to carefully match a certain style amulet to the specific style of your headphones.



Omamori is not just an amulet, but also an essential element for remixing headphones to increase their rarity in the game Hibiki run. To make a remix, as the developers called the merging process, you need to prepare two identical pairs of headphones with the same level of pumping (level 15) and with the same amulets of the same style. Each remix (merger) will cost 30 $HUT tokens and 10 $HBK tokens.

Pouch are bags with amulet fragments that can be obtained while listening to music or bought on the marketplace. There are 5 types of bags, each of which gives a specific fragment responsible for the properties:

  • Bell: Affects the success rate of the remix base;
  • Tassel: Increases endurance;
  • Musubi: Improves quality;
  • Stamp: Increases sensitivity;
  • bag: Increases comfort.

In addition to types, pouches have varieties, as do amulets and headphones. Only the type of pouch determines the type of amulet created during the fusion process.




Hibiki has its own wallet, in addition, you can use the Polygon wallet.

How the Hibiki wallet works:

  • As soon as you have registered in the application, you will automatically receive a Hibiki wallet;
  • In the Hibiki Wallet, you can check your token balance and your collectibles;
  • The Hibiki Run Wallet is used for in-app purchases;
  • You can move your assets from the Hibiki Wallet to the Polygon Wallet;
  • In the wallet, you can easily check your transaction history.

Wallet Polygon:

  • You can either create a Polygon wallet or enter an existing one;
  • You can easily move your assets from Hibiki Wallet to Polygon and vice versa;
  • You can transfer your assets along the chain to another external wallet address and vice versa;
  • It is also possible to check the history records of both cryptocurrencies and collectibles held between the Hibiki account and the Polygon account.
How to fund Hibiki Wallet for purchases on the marketplace?
Step 1 - Create your own Polygon account or use an existing one.
Step 2 – Fund your Polygon wallet via the Receive function (You can also fund your Polygon account in the app via external platforms);
Step 3 – Fund your Hibiki account using the To Hibiki feature.
Step 4 – You are ready to purchase collectibles on the Hibiki Run marketplace.



Hibiki run has its own lottery, in which players receive all kinds of rewards in the form of tokens, digital collectibles and a place in the whitelist. The player can participate in the lottery every day by paying per click with tokens (currently the price is 10 $HUT).
Requirements and restrictions for participation in the lottery:

  • A sufficient number of HUT tokens;
  • The draw limit per day is closely related to the comfort property of the headphones.
    A higher level of comfort will lead to more daily draws;
  • If you only have basic headphones, then they should have level 3 at least.


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