Infinity Party Battle Tips and Tricks for Making a Top-Tier Gameplay

Infinity Party Battle Tips and Tricks


When it comes to strategy games, the first requirement for the players is some tips and tricks because if you do not have enough tricks to use in your strategy gameplay, you are likely to lose the match. And as the Infinity Party Battle is also a strategy game, we have prepared an Infinity Party Battle tips and tricks guide for all players to help you make your gameplay a top tier one. 





Infinity Party Battle Tips and Tricks




Even though this is a strategy game, this takes the shape of a card game and the tower defense genre. Plenty of monsters are trying to intrude on the city, and you are the one who is going to destroy all the monsters using different tactics. So, now that you are here with this Infinity Party Battle tips guide, you will learn the best tactics that will be useful for the whole gameplay, not only for battles. Once you know these Infinity Party Battle tips, you can play Infinity Party Battle on PC using the best android emulator LDPlayer 9, with no more issues.


Summon Characters to the Battlefield

Summoning characters on the battlefield is an important strategy to be used in battle, as the more time you spend on battles, the more challenging and severe the battle. It is impossible to continue the fight with only five characters on the battlefield. 


Summon Characters to the Battlefield


Therefore, summoning characters to the battlefield can be considered among the best Infinity Party Battle tips and tricks you should use. When you summon characters, it needs SP, which you can obtain by killing monsters, and after gathering SP, you can tap on the pink-colored star option to summon the characters. And the summoning will give you characters of grade one, and you can only summon the characters you have already added to the battle deck. 


There are no unique spots where the summoned characters will appear, but they appear on random empty spots on the battlefield. Since this is one of the top Infinity Party Battle tips that can be used to make your gameplay a leading tier one, you should use it and make your battlefield more potent than your opponent.


Merge Characters of the Same Type

Merging characters is one of the best Infinity Party Battle tips you can use on the battlefield because merging two characters of the same type will create a new character that is more powerful than the previous ones. 


Merge Characters of the Same Type


So, do not keep all the characters everywhere on the battlefield because you already know you can summon the characters to the battlefield. When you summon characters, it will summon the same type of characters you assigned in your battle deck. Therefore, there will be two or more characters with the same type. If you merge the same type of characters, you will create a more powerful battalion than the characters you summoned to the battlefield earlier. 


Therefore do not fill your battlefield with characters; instead, merge the characters and create characters higher in power and all other statistics. When combining, you will obtain a powerful character, and when you merge two same-type characters of the same grade, it will let you get a character of a higher grade. 


As we mentioned here, among the best Infinity Party Battle tips, you should merge them, but once the character reaches grade 7 on the battleground, it cannot be combined anymore.


Use Magic Cards

In a battle deck, you can assign character cards and magic cards for the same amount. Magic cards are essential to use on the battlefield. Do you know the reason? These magic cards provide different buffs or effects that are very helpful in battles. When you enter the game, you already receive five magic cards freely, and you can earn more magic cards when you reach different arena tiers. 


Use Magic Cards


But to use these magic cards in battle, you need to accumulate MP because a certain amount of MP is required for each card, which varies from card to card. Once the MP bar has filled to the extent that is enough to consume a magic card, you should use the magic cards as it is one of the top Infinity Party Battle tips that can be used on the battlefield. 


Even if you can use these magic cards after the necessary amount of MP is gathered to use a relevant magic card, you better not hurry but take maximum benefits from these cards in the correct situation. 


Sometimes you have gathered enough MP, then you use all the magic cards, and then you need to wait until the MP fills again. So what do you do at that time if a boss appears? Do you know that the bosses are harder to defeat because the bosses have effects that they can cast on your characters on the battlefield? 


Therefore, as mentioned in this Infinity Party Battle tips and tricks guide, you should use the Magic cards only at the exact moment. Always save the magic cards and MP to use in a unique, critical moment; otherwise, things will turn out bad for you.


Join a Clan 

The next one of the Infinity Party Battle tips mentioned in this guide is about joining a clan. As in every other game out there, this game also has introduced a clan system that will benefit all players. 


Join a Clan 


Here you can create a clan or join a clan and choose one option according to your preferences. But creating a clan will cost you 5000 coins, and joining a clan does not cost you any. When you enter a clan, you can select one from the recommended clan list, or if you have any specified clan to join, you can search for the clan name and join it. 


Since joining a clan is one of the best Infinity Party Battle tips to be used in the gameplay, you have to consider some essential facts to have the max benefits from it. Such as the number of trophies the clan has owned by participating in arena matches and the number of members. 


Also, when you join, make sure the clan is active, and if you join a clan that does not actively participate in any event, then you will not be able to achieve more benefits from that clan.


Level up Character Cards

Do you know that you can level up the character cards? You can level up the character cards to make them more powerful. You have played other games before and have leveled up the character cards using experience points, don't you? 


Level up Character Cards


But in this game, things are pretty different, which means there is no such thing as experience points; you need to level up the character cards in this game with a certain amount of character cards of the same type. Every character card needs a certain amount of the same character card to level up the relevant character card, and if you do so, you can level up the character card. When you level up a card, all the statistics of the relevant card will be upgraded. 


The more you level up the character cards, the more duplicate cards will be needed, so make sure to take part in battles, earn as much as cards as rewards, and level up all the characters as it is among the top Infinity Party Battle tips and tricks.


Complete Quests and Missions

Like in other games, missions and quests are included in this game's content, and completing these missions and quests is also one of the best Infinity Party Battle tips and tricks you can use to earn more rewards.


Complete Quests and Missions


There are quests in the game, and when you complete quests, you will earn stars; if you earn a certain number of stars, you can obtain a chest filled with many in-game rewards. And also, for each quest you complete, you will receive rewards. So, do not forget to complete the quests, earn rewards, and unlock the great chests. 


There are lots of missions too in this game, and only one mission is unlocked and available for you to play. The other missions will unlock when you complete the available mission. Each mission has prizes for you, and completing the tasks will let you achieve more rewards than you think.



You have learned lots of tricks and tips that will be necessary and helpful to play the game as a pro player. Although you have these tips, it is also better to have some Infinity Party Battle beginner guide lines if you are a newbie player. Once you know all the guidelines, you can play this game, especially while using these tips.


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