Guide how to play Mines of Dalarnia Crypto Game and how to make money?

The ⛏ Game Mines of Dalarnia NFT “Play to Earn” 💎 is yet another game to earn money and cryptocurrencies, where the task is to discover the secrets of the MoD universe. Users explore territories, mine resources and fight enemies.

Players in the MoD ⛏ universe earn profit by collecting rare items and trading them in the market, completing quests and tasks, winning battles, acquiring landowner status and betting Tokens TO GIVE.

One of the most anticipated games of 2022 is due to be released on April 26th, so we created an article with all the information you need to know about the game. Read on to find out how to play Mines of Dalarnia, Gameplay and more.

What is Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)?


Mines of Dalarnia is a free-to-play 2D action-adventure game with procedurally generated levels that uses DAR as its token. Players can mine and combine various items in the game, improving their skills and equipment to progress in the world of Dalarnia while searching for rare relics and artifacts. There are different terrains to explore and different types of monsters to kill alone or with your friend.

in ⛏ Mines of Dalarnia 💎, all game assets are represented as NFTs and can be exported and traded on open markets. The game issues DAR as the governance token and currency needed to update tools and trade on the market. Players have the chance to earn in-game token rewards in a number of ways. Collected minerals and tools can be traded on NFT markets for cryptocurrencies and players can participate in competitions and earn token rewards on DAR. Players will be grouped based on their levels and the more advanced a player is, the greater the rewards for these competitions. In addition, players can wager DAR tokens to generate returns and speed up game progress.

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How to play Mines of Dalarnia?

You can download the game from website and install it on your PC (will be available on April 26, 2022). Mines of Dalarnia game is free to play. However, it is recommended that you purchase a Mining Passport to gain access to the entire Dalarnian Universe.

Download Game Mines of Dalarnia

Mine of Dalarnia is an intergalactic mining adventure game where players seek out rare resources (minerals and gems) to craft new items and equipment to progress through territory. The goal of a Darlan miner is to become more powerful and efficient, gather wealth, face challenges and monsters in the depths, and it looks amazing doing so. In the future, players will be part of shared multiplayer spaces and participate in exciting multiplayer competitions.

Most land in the game (LAND), which is used for mining, is owned by the player. The LAND storyline is unique, with differentiated distribution of resources, and more attributes of each piece of LAND will be revealed over time as the game expands. LAND owners should actively take care of their mining lands with Terraforming Capsules to remain attractive to miners.

Key things to know about the game

The game's development was carried out by the company Workinman, known for its cooperation with Atari, Nickelodeon, Disney and others. The entire economy of the game revolves around a native $DAR token, which is used to trade in the built-in market and improve the game's tools and skills.

The game's terrain is divided into 4 types, each of which is equally important in the ecosystem. However, before embarking on a quest, you'll need to upgrade your gear, learn new skills, and familiarize yourself with the artifacts and relics available in the game. Each hostile monster will require an individual approach. So, as the game progresses, a player's inventory is replenished with new items. The result will directly depend on the chosen combination of items, skills and weapons.

There are 4 types of worlds in Mines of Dalarnia:



  • Darkness (green) — dark dungeons where you can find valuable minerals;
  • Ice (blue) — infinite expanses of ice;
  • Lava (red) is the closest underworld to the planet's core, so the landscape is filled with rivers of lava;
  • Earth (purple) is a classic surface familiar to everyone.

In-game resources and items

All game features are divided into two types:

the basic minerals are the least valuable ones needed to develop the characters' base stats.

Exotic, these are rare minerals needed for advanced upgrades. Players can also equip their own characters. Each new user receives a standard set of tools, which includes:

  • a pickaxe used to mine minerals;
  • a backpack to store items;
  • boots that increase standard movement speed;
  • bombs used during fights with monsters;
  • a drill, as an alternative to the pick with greater efficiency;
  • canar-E to help you progress in the game.

Each character has four basic stats that determine their main strength:

  • Health (PS);
  • Oxygen from being in the world of Darkness;
  • Heat Sink, without which it is impossible to descend into the world of Lava;
  • Antifreeze, used in the ice world.

Players can upgrade all in-game items and stats to strengthen character performance, simplify the mining process, and open up new opportunities. Upgrades are even available for a pickaxe, which, once upgraded, will allow you to mine more minerals in a shorter amount of time.

Each of the equipment is available on the Inner Market, where players can put up for sale and buy items of interest. Trade opportunities also extend to minerals. The most popular currency in the domestic market is the native $DAR token.

Mines of Dalarnia Gameplay and Game Functions

Mines of Dalarnia offers two Roles to participate in the Game: Miners and Landowners. However, players don't have to stick to just one role and can participate in both aspects of the game at any time.


Miners are engaged in mining activity, improving their equipment in every possible way and increasing the speed of work. Mineral mining is continually associated with the need to clear the path of soil and monsters.

Miners improve their character every time they perform a successful action. In the end, this is what determines exactly what a user will receive as an NFT reward. But mining is available for a limited period of time. If the session is interrupted in any way, the player's high score will decrease, which will negatively affect the final reward value.

Miners receive a Free 2 Play Pack to start the game. But it is also possible to purchase kits with many useful tools: Starter Pack or Basic Starter Pack. Sometimes there are limited package promotions that allow you to get exclusive NFTs.

land owners

Each of the worlds has its own terrains, which are unique NFT tokens. Thus, the users who own them are landowners. Land owners can rent land to players, thus earning passive income. The tenant acquires the ability to mine minerals on the land received. Thus, the land is considered the most valued among players, as it provides passive income.

The rent works as follows. The owner opens the land, after which any other player can get to it. Still, you will need to pay a certain amount of DAR to enter it. In addition, the landowner reserves the right to independently regulate the amount of taxation of income received by miners. The amount itself is determined depending on the status of the terrain and the type of minerals that can be mined. But that doesn't mean you can start playing just by investing a certain amount. Donating to the Mines of Dalarnia NFT game is not mandatory because there are Free Zones open to all players.

At the same time, landowners not only receive funds from passive income – they also have some responsibilities. Mine activity is quantified during each month. If the mine is performing well, the owner will receive additional $DAR tokens as a reward. If the land owner is no longer active, special actions will be taken to return the land to the shared pool.

Mines of Dalarnia Crypto Game Features


Mines of Dalarnia's main game is all about mining sessions: action-based mining gameplay in a procedurally generated mine.

To start a “dig”, players must move their miner to a specific LAND they want to interact with. Traveling between planets and moving around their surface via the “Navigator” is a feature that takes real time to complete. Once players are situated on the terrain they wish to dig, they must select a Depth. Higher depths give more and better resources as rewards, but will spawn more monsters and dangerous environments and require higher miner power levels to access.

Finally, they pay a small rental fee to the landowner for access. During a mining run, players fight monsters and dig up resources of different qualities to earn points. When they exit the dig, either reaching an exit point or dying, their final score decides what level of rewards they receive when their cargo is melted. Rewards are randomly selected based on the player's reward level, LAND terrain resource attributes, and excavation depth.

This layer of abstraction between the gems collected in the race and the specific refined resources received at the end is an important security measure to close exploits that encountered during the testnet phase of Mines of Dalarnia 1.0. Please note that each resource collected here is a tradable, salable and collectible token.


Crafting gear is at the heart of the Mines of Dalarnias progression system. Crafting and upgrading equipment improves the player's overall power level, which grants them access to more difficult mines and depths.

Craftable equipment is grouped into the following categories:

  • Mining tools that are used to dig blocks.
  • Weapons used to kill monsters.
  • Armor that offers defense against enemies and elements.
  • Exos that add specific benefits and increase specific attributes.
  • Fully cosmetic helmets.
  • Holos that change their appearance without changing their stats.

At launch, only Pickaxes and Helmets will be active in the game. Armor and Weapons are prioritized for shortly after launch. Exos will come later. Players can also craft consumables. At launch, the main consumable created will be Terraforming Capsules, which are used by LAND owners to replenish their land resources.

In the future, additional items will become craftable, including more gear, more consumable cosmetics, and additional items that support the announced features. Please note that each item and equipment discussed here is a tradable, salable, and collectible NFT. Crafting runs a smart contract that burns resource tokens to mint new item NFTs.


Each piece of equipment has a Power Level and an Aspect, as well as up to two perks. To upgrade an equipment, players must combine two equipment items of the same type and upgrade level. This burns the original items and creates a new one. For example, a player can combine two +1 Iron Pickaxes into a single +2 Iron Pickaxe. However, a +2 Iron Pickaxe and a +3 Iron Pickaxe cannot be combined.

Power level is the main measure of an item's strength, compared to item level in many games. Aspect denotes the environment in which this equipment works best, such as jungles or Crypts. It can be compared to the "elemental type" in a fantasy game. Perks are passive modifiers that influence the player's stats and behavior, increasing attack or movement speed, or adding special procs or attack patterns.

The combination of equipment cannot fail. The resulting new gear will always be of the highest upgrade level (+2 becomes +3, and so on), up to the upgrade limit of that specific.Equipment type. The equipment's base stats will increase, as will its power level. Newly upgraded gear perks are determined by randomly mixing perks on original equipment items. If two of the same perks are present, one on each item, that perk will always carry over and will upgrade to a higher perk bonus level. So carefully curating your upgrades to bring you desirable perks is necessary to create the best, most desirable gear.

Likewise, the Aspect will be chosen via a 50/50 “coin toss” between the two Aspects on the original gear items. It is possible for an equipment to have no Aspect, so if artisans want to maintain a certain Aspect through the upgrade process, they may only want to combine it with other equipment with the same Aspect.

Mining Plots

The Mines of Dalarnia Universe is made up of numerous planets. Each planet is divided into 40 x 40 grid of LAND plots. Each grid square contains a unique mining parcel. The ownership, maintenance, and rental of these parcels will be a central pillar of the game's P2E economy. The parcels contain resources that are valuable to both miners and landowners, and necessary for progress in the Mines of Dalarnia. Before extracting a specific parcel, players have to pay an “Excavation Cost”, containing a fee of $DAR which is paid to the mine owner. As a result of this mechanism, mining.

Plot owners can generate a source of real estate income within the Dalarnian Universe. The following image shows the complete map of the first planet to be released: Terra Prime. This planet belongs to the Earth type of planet. The planets of the future will have different types. In the 'Terrain Details' section, users will have access to more detailed information about any given plot.

Each mining lot has 3 levels of difficulty, called 'Depths'. In general, deeper depths require stronger equipment, but grant more abundant and valuable resources. More depths will be revealed in the future on all existing installments.

terrain attributes

Each parcel also has a number of particular attributes. These attributes include: planet type, biome (called Aspect in the MoD), resource distribution for each depth, and any special access restrictions.


Each LAND has 3 “depths” associated with it at launch, each with a minimum required potency, level type, and aspect. Power Level is used to determine a miner's access to an excavation, defined by miners currently selected equipment, called a “loadout”. This is similar to Item Level in traditional games. Each depth also has an Aspect.

Aspects (Biomes)

At launch, there will be four Terra-specific Aspects (similar to biomes in other games):

  • earth (default)
  • Jungle
  • Rocha
  • Crypt

Access to depths belonging to any biome other than the default (“Earth”) will require equipment with the corresponding aspect type. To mine these parcels and depths, the player must use an equipment loadout that has a biome aspect power level equal to or greater than this value.

Aspect mines will include unique environment art, monster variants, and more. In the future, additional biome-specific rewards, items, and features may be added. And in the future, rewards, items, or even additional aspect-specific features may be added.


Each resource in a specific LAND has a drop frequency and amount that varies between Depth Levels. Frequency is the probability of the miner getting this resource as a reward for completing the excavation. The amount indicates the number of resources the miner is likely to obtain if he does find that mineral.

Example: if a parcel has a low frequency but a high amount of Ozymodium, miners have a low chance of getting a large cache of Ozymodium in their bounty box upon completing the dig. If this has a high frequency but a low amount they will likely get some Ozymodium every time they dig
but probably only one or two.

power levels

Each storyline and depth will have a specific 'Power Level'. At first these levels will be from 1 to 10, although higher levels are possible in the future. A miner's power level needs to be within 2 levels of the plot to attempt it. Thus, a player with a power level of 6 can mine parcels of up to a power level of 8 (although they may find this excavation extremely challenging).



how to play mines of dalarnia


Terrain is defined by the type of planet the mining lot is located on. At launch, the Dalarnia Mine include only Earth-type planets. Future updates will introduce new planets with new terrain types with very specific mining requirements.

The Mines of Dalarnia Universe consists of several planets, and each planet is divided into a 40x40 grid. Each grid square contains a unique mining lot. Owning, maintaining and renting these lots will be a central pillar of the game's P2E economy.

Each parcel also has a number of particular attributes. These attributes include: planet type, biome, resource distribution for each depth, and any special access restrictions (special plots may require specific NFT items in your possession for access).

The image above shows one of the three planets available at launch: Terra Prime. All three launch planets belong to the Earth planet type – additional types will be introduced in future updates.

land maintenance

The resources available in a mining batch decrease over time as mining sessions start. To keep their land attractive to potential tenants, landlords must maintain their plots using consumable items called Terraform Capsules. These capsules replenish the resources available in a mining lot (they do NOT change the distribution or types of resources).

Terraforming Capsules will be entirely player-generated and traded. They can be crafted by spending mined resources and a DAR fee, or they can be purchased on the market directly from other miners.

land ownership


Mining shares are represented by NFTs, providing users with the opportunity for true ownership. These private lands will be acquired at land sale events using $DAR tokens and will generate revenue through rent to other players who wish to mine them by paying $DAR tokens. TO GIVE.


Approximately 10-20% of land in Mines of Dalarnia will be public land, owned by the game and available to all players. These public lands are necessary to give new players an in-game starting point and can also be used for special events or other promotions.

Resources available on public lands will be common and there will be limits on how often players can mine them. These restrictions are designed to ensure that the game generates value for private owners. Users can be assured that the investments they make in land ownership and maintenance will be respected by the protocol.

Planetary Journey

Players need to travel between planets if they want to mine specific types of mining lots and biomes. To have access to planetary travel, they need to have a Mining Passport. Some planets may require a minimum power level, restricting access to players with a minimal amount of progression.


Once fully implemented, players will be able to trade their assets in the game (NFTs and tokens) and in the Ingame market.

Holos and Cosmetics

Looking cool is a big part of gaming, and Mines of Dalarnia is no exception. Players can change their appearance by equipping new items or making use of “Holos” – special items that transform their character's appearance, regardless of what items they are wearing.

At launch, Holos will be able to change his helmet, his armor, and add special particle effects to his pickaxe and weapon. More Holos will be added to the game regularly, such as supporter rewards, gameplay drops, craftable items, and more.


Every miner needs a reliable space kick! Players can bring a pet to each dig to help them.

At launch, robot birds known as Canar-Es will be the only type of pet. More pet types and alternate skins for existing pet types will be added to the game over time.


Post-launch resource plan

❯   Crypto project UTILIS Token: Commodity investments, where to buy?

LAND owners with the most active miners in a specific period will be able to host multiplayer matches for which they can charge a $DAR participation fee.

Contests reward winners with a Reward Token and exclusive features. Players participating in competitions will therefore not only receive a specific amount of $DAR, but they can also craft special equipment due to the unique resources they receive.

Space Stations

Post-launch resource plan

Space Stations are player-owned mobile Social Hubs that will allow players to meet each other in real-time. Space Stations can be relocated and will be used to optimize travel within the ever-expanding MoD universe. Space Stations consist of several apartments that can be purchased by a player similar to mining plots. Each apartment owner will be able to vote on decisions regarding the Space Station and can teleport to that Space Station for free at any time. Moving a Space Station within the universe costs $DAR.

A Space Station's position relative to the planets specifies the travel costs to those planets due to the distance between the space station and a planet. If a Space Station is within range of a planet, traveling to that planet is free. Therefore, relocating a Space Station is a strategic decision. Players have to decide whether they want free access to some planets or cheaper travel costs to more planets. All MoD players will be able to teleport to each Space Station, which will cost a teleport fee of $DAR. Choosing wisely will allow them to optimize their travel costs.

game economics


game economics

At its core, the game's economy depends on the relationship between land ownership and Progression based mining.


The Mines of Dalarnias economy utilizes six unique asset types:

  • $GIVE
  • Mining Plots
  • Equipment NFTs
  • Resource tokens
  • consumable tokens

In the future, Space Station Apartments will be added to this list.

DAR token

The maximum supply of DAR is limited to 800 million coins, of which only 15% are currently in circulation. The market value of available tokens is $266.486.440. The DAR token is required for the Mines of Dalarnia NFT gaming ecosystem to fulfill the following purposes:

  • staking — required to confirm transactions on the network;
  • voting — each $DAR token makes it possible to support initiatives of interest, suggested by developers or validators;
  • exchange — each player can buy and sell in-game items, receiving $DAR in return;
  • NFT trading;
  • commission payment for transactions and deals.


Post-launch resource plan

Players will be able to stake their tokens to receive various types of benefits and participate in the ongoing development of the game.

Betting on Planets

LAND owners can bet $GIVE on the planets that host their mining plots. In doing so, they reduce the resource depletion rate for all mining tranches on that planet according to the amount of $DAR in the planet's staking pool. In addition, staking allows them to regularly participate in the following polls:

  • Pay $DAR from the staking pool to increase the chance of rare NFTs as mining rewards for a limited period of time.
  • Pay $DAR from the staking pool to give the planet, for a limited time, access to a transport device that allows miners to travel to that planet to spend Engagement Points instead of $DAR.
  • $DAR wagered on a Planet Pool will take [X] hours to thaw.

Due to the ability to improve the attractiveness of a Planet by betting and voting, LAND Owners will collaborate and there will be natural competition between LAND owners from different planets.

Staking on Space Stations

The fees that players pay to teleport to a specific Space Station go into that Space Station Pool. This Pool can be used in several ways depending on the vote by the Space Stations Apartment. Individual apartment owners can choose to stake additional $DAR on the Space Station Pool to have more impact on votes.

Apartment owners can vote on the following decisions:

  • Teleport Fees – sets the amount of $DAR required to teleport to a Space Station
  • Space Station Location – defines where the Space Station will be located next week
  • Apartment Owner Rewards – sets the amount of $DAR that will be transferred to apartment owners
  • Miner Rewards – Apartment owners can choose to add a reward to successful miners (may be limited to certain mystery box tiers) for the first mining session after teleporting. This can make a Space Station attractive to players who will pay for teleporting in return.
    fees to get there.

Betting on the MoD pool

All players can bet on the MoD pool to contribute to the game's ongoing development. After
a minimum staking time, this will grant them the following benefits:

  • early access to NFT drops
  • NFT Rewards
  • Token Rewards
  • Access to votes on the use of the community treasury

GIVING bet on MoD Pool will take [X] hours to thaw. As game development continues, new betting options may be added reflecting the games' increasing scope of features.

Accommodation and participation in competitions

Top performing LAND owners will be able to host competitions in which players participate
to earn rewards in the form of $DAR Token, special resources or special loot. To host a competition, LAND Owners must purchase a competition pass that will allow them to host a limited amount of competitions on their mining plots, for which they can set a competition fee for participants.

Traveling through the Planetary System

Players who wish to mine on a different planet need to pay a travel fee. Players can also choose to teleport to a Space Station to optimize their travel costs for a greater number of planets.


Mines of Dalarnia's vision is for the game to become a standalone, player-owned game. experience that is controlled and funded by your community. Governance Features will be available to all token holders and gradually rolled out once the development team has established their core vision for the game. Initially, the governance structure will be applied to decide on in-game rewards as well as wagering rewards. Additional features will be released once the game has matured and DAR tokens are more distributed.

The general idea behind the Mines of Dalarnias governance model is a multi-layered approach that reflects the roles of the game while allowing all active players to participate in decisions about the direction of the game to some extent.

Price Prediction Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) 2022

The price of Mines of Dalarnia is predicted to reach an average level of $2.543 throughout 2022. Depending on the acceptance of the game and the launch on new Exchanges, it is possible that the token will reach the value of $12 in 2022.

Where to buy the DAR token?

DAR cryptocurrency can be traded on the following exchanges:

  • Binance
  • DigiFinex
  • bitget
  • KuCoin


Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) is an action adventure game with a blockchain real estate market. The MoD is based on simple yet captivating gameplay, where users can mine and combine in-game items and use them to upgrade their characters (skills and equipment), thus increasing their rank in the game.

Mines of Dalarnia has the advantage of being based on Binance Smart Chain, most projects launched on this blockchain have gained huge popularity. Also, Mines of Dalarnia NFT game is really fun and differs from other GameFi projects. The ability to earn passive income through renting land or trading NFT also attracts many users.

More about GIVE


Where can I find Mines of Dalarnia game?

Mines of Dalarnia is an action adventure game. You can download the game from website or install it on your PC (will be available on April 26, 2022).

Do I need an internet connection to play Mines of Dalarnia?

Yes. A stable internet connection is required to play Mines of Dalarnia.

Do I need to pay to play Mines of Dalarnia?

No, parts of Mines of Dalarnia are accessible for free. However, it is recommended that you purchase a Mining Passport to gain access to the entire Dalarnian Universe.

Are Dalarnia Mines pay-to-win?

Not. We do not sell items that give you a competitive advantage.

Can I play Mines of Dalarnia on PC with a controller?

Yes. We support controllers on PC.

How do I report a bug or give feedback on Mines of Dalarnia?

Please use the Support button on the Mines of Dalarnia website.

What are the Hardware Requirements?

Recommended specs (play at 30fps)

  • GPU: GeForce GTX 650
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.90GHz
  • System RAM: 8GB

I need to create an account to play the game.

Yes, you need to create an account to play Mines of Dalarnia. During account creation, you will set up a wallet to hold all your Tokens and NFTs.

What tools/items do I use to progress in the game?

As the game progresses, you will be eligible for:

  • Mining Tool: Mining tools are used to dig inside mines. Better or upgraded tools have the ability to destroy even harder blocks and may come with a few different perks.
  • Weapons: Weapons are used to fight enemies. The more powerful and advanced the ewapon, the easier it will be to defeat the monsers that inhibit the Dalarnian universe.
  • Armor Suit: Armor provides defense against enemy attacks as well as protection from various environmental effects. It also changes the character's appearance.
  • Exo: Exos are similar to “accessories” in other games. They add perks and benefits to character attributes, but only work in matching environments.
  • Cosmetics: Cosmetic items change the appearance of various parts of the character without affecting attributes.
  • Canary: Canary follows the player around. She can alert the player to potential dangers and enemies. At higher levels, you can send it to the surface with materials to free up space in your backpack (you can only do this once per run - the canary won't fly back to you).

What consumables are available in the Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia will include different types of consumables that can be crafted using resources. At launch, the most valuable consumable will be the terraforming pod that landowners will have to use to replenish their mining lands.

Teleports players out of your race instantly
Recharges a player's oxygen/light/heating/cooling unit
Fully recharges a player's health bar

Do my game tools and gear have durability? How can I repair it?

No, none of the Equipment in Mines of Dalarnia has any durability or needs to be repaired.

Are there any dangers in the game that could harm me?

Yes, there will be all sorts of different hazards within Mines of Dalarnia based on the Planet and Biome Type mining lots.

Can I earn an achievement in Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia will include Achievements and Tasks as the game matures. At launch, these features will not be implemented.

What types of gameplay can I experience in Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia offers different game functions:

  • Miners:
    Miners access mining plots to collect resources and fight monsters in a side scrolling mining game.
  • Land owners:
    Landowners own and manage mining lots that they rent out to other players to mine.

How do I control my character in the game?

Controls will change based on players input device.

  • Controls:
    Keyboard/mouse option
  • WASD to move: Keys to activate skills
    Keyboard/mouse option
  • Motion Joystick: Button mapping to skills

Can I pause during the game?

Yes, it will be possible to pause during the game.

How is the mining gameplay in detail?

Mines of Dalarnia is a 2D sidescroller where the player controls a character. The character comes equipped with a tool they can use to break blocks to mine and a weapon to fight enemies. Each level is procedurally generated with hazards (enemies, falling blocks, traps) and resources.

During mining, players fight monsters and destroy blocks of different qualities to get points that contribute to their high score. This high score determines the quality and quantity of resources and maybe even the loot they receive after their mining session.

Player goals:
The player must collect as many resources as he can without dying. They can then convert these resources into equipment upgrades, cosmetic skins, and consumables.

Player limitations:

Health Bar
Players receive a certain amount of health. When this is over, your race is over. The amount of health can be increased by certain armor or exo perks.

At certain levels, this component slowly depletes over time. The player's run ends when this occurs. The amount of oxygen/light/heat/cooling can be increased by certain armor or exo perks. This feature will not be available at launch.

Mining game mechanics:
In mines, players will not be able to see the entire screen. Part of the screen will be dimmed, simulating darkness. The strength of their light determines how far they can see from the character's position. The fog of war is not persistent.

General movement:
WASD/Virtual Joystick/Gamepad keys for left, right and jumping.

Pressing a button space will cause the player to swing their pick in a designated direction.

Players can jump and double jump by pressing the corresponding button.

Pressing a button results in the character using the weapon and attacking an enemy.

Reduces damage taken from enemies by a formula based on the enemy's attack value compared to the player's defense rating.

Players collect resources simply by walking on them.

Risk reward:
If a player dies before reaching an exit point, they will lose a percentage of their collected items during that race.

Pointless exploration or the ideal single-player upgrade path may not yield huge returns on some levels.

The pace is not intense at first. Players have a sense of exploration and freedom to choose their own path through the plot. It's up to them if they want to rush to mine more, potentially missing out on opportunities and risking death. They can also run out the clock at their own pace and make things a little more strategic and thorough.

How is Real-Estate gameplay in detail?

Players have the option to buy or rent land using DAR. Players who buy a land claim “ownership” of it and can mine that land without paying DAR.

They also have the option to rent their land to other players in exchange for some DAR. For miners looking to mine, buying land will cost significantly more DAR than renting (an opportunity to mine), but the balance is that they can always rent land in hopes of some financial return.

Players who choose to rent a lot gain one-time access to that lot (one race) for a small DAR fee (as it cycles through the procedurally generated level of said lot). This fee is paid to the owner of that land.

Player goals:

Purchase of installments:
Players want to profit in real life by renting desirable land to other players. Each lot offers at least three different mining depths with increasing difficulty and unique rewards. Desirable parcels can contain an abundance of a certain resource needed to upgrade a piece of equipment.

Land lease:
Renting lots is a cheaper alternative for players looking to progress in the mining game. Instead of buying each piece of land, players can mine a lot containing a specific resource for a fraction of the price.

Players will be able to combine resources they mine to create a Terraforming Capsule. These consumables can be sold for DAR to other players. Terraforming Capsules allow LAND owners to replenish their plots once they run out of resources.

Player limitations:
A lot has a specific amount of resources per depth for miners. These resources deplete over time, making the plot less interesting for miners. TERRENO owners need to replenish resources using terraforming pods.

Player mechanics:

Purchase of installments:
Lots will be sold at specific times at LAND sales on the website and can also be traded on the market.

Land lease:
Land Owner

A player can list their land for rent at a recommended price provided by an internal algorithm. With future updates, we will allow landowners to set the rental rate manually.


A player can rent land listed by another player on the market. Miners can then do 1 run through the procedurally generated level of that lot to collect rewards after mining.

There are no limits to simultaneous “miners” of a lot, like in an apartment in the real world. The game allows multiple miners to run races on rented land at the same time (although players never see/meet each other in-game)

risk reward
LAND will be sold in lotteries with players having the option to bet DAR to get a winning ticket.

How often will new land appear on the market?

New lots will be added at planet launch events.

Minor Planets Launch Events:
Minor planet launch events will occur as needed when there is a need to expand the game space due to overpopulation. These events will involve the addition of new planets with new LANDs, containing existing terrain and resources.

Major Planet Launch Events:
Major planet launch events will take place when a new category of planet with new terrain types (i.e. Ice World, Gas Giants, etc.) is introduced and will accompany a large-scale content update for the game. These Planet releases will add LANDs containing new resources, new craftable gear, new terrains/biomes, and even new levels of depth.

To prevent older LANDs from degrading as new content is released, sometimes new levels of content will also be added to older planets. New features from existing LANDs will be “discovered” by adding new features and levels of depth.

What types of mines are currently available in the game?
At launch, Mines of Dalarnia will include three planets (Terra Prime, Terra Simia, Terra Caldera) and an Earth-type moon (Luna Praxis).

At launch, the biomes are:

  • Neutral Stainless - Steel
  • Jungle
  • Stone
  • Crypt

Attempting to dig these biomes with a mining tool not strong against this attribute will be difficult or even impossible. Environmental risks will also correspond to a biome type, making miner equipment selection critical for successful operations.

Can I repeat the plot?

At the start of each mining run, the level layout as well as enemy locations, resource distribution and advertisements will be randomly generated. Repeating the exact same plot is not possible.

What currency, NFT, skins, in-game items are available in the game?

These are the assets used in the games economy:

DAR token:
Mines of Dalarnias' native DAR Token is at the heart of the game's economy and is used in a variety of ways, such as trading in the market, renting mining land, or crafting equipment.

Equipment is needed to mine and fight monsters. It improves characters' attributes and makes even the most dangerous mining plots accessible.

Players are rewarded with resources after mining runs based on terrain/biome type and mining lot depth. Resources are needed to craft equipment and consumables.

Consumables have very distinct use cases and can be used right away.

Cosmetics allow players to customize their characters' appearance without affecting the characters' attributes.

What kind of minerals can I collect?

At launch, Mines of Dalarnia will include the following resources that players can collect:

Falun covers:
Commonly found in Depth 1 of mining lots.

Iron ore:
Rarely found at Depth 1, but commonly found at Depth 2 and Depth 3.

Silver ore:
Rarely found at Depth 1 and Uncommon at Depth 2, but commonly found at Depth 3.

Never found at Depth 2, rarely at Depth 2, and rarely at Depth 3

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