Attention, space explorers!  

All citizens of the stars are feeling the tide of cosmic change. From the homes of the various factions to the mysterious Iris , all the children of the metaverse are ecstatic as our projects enter a new phase of maturity!

In this installment, we'll focus on one of the most anticipated projects in  Star Atlas  -- which kicked off the prelude to the ultimate gaming experience, which until now has remained hidden in ATMTA 's deep.

Yes, what we're talking about today is  SCREAM , the next major browser playable game mod for Star Atlas with a full economic ecosystem.

We will delve into   SCREAM  and other exciting projects making their debuts in the near future.

In this report, you'll get our macro view of  SCREAM . In future texts, we'll delve into the micro-levels of its gameplay.

Remember, everything said here is subject to change.

Without further ado, let's get started.

🍏 SCREAM  game design statement

Every journey begins with a question, and this time, too: How to demonstrate the essence of  Star Atlas  through  SCREAM--nbsp ;?

Specifically, we also asked ourselves the following questions:

  • Is this game really fun?
  • Will players keep playing this over and over again?
  • Should our focus be on the practicality of the ship?
  • Are game logic and game state hosted on-chain?

SCREAM  will be a blockchain-based multiplayer game with economic, political and strategic elements. For the first time, players will be able to use their ships to fight for the future of their faction through fun, active, repeatable, and potentially profitable on-chain games.

As we hope to prove, Scream will be an engaging challenge that will require our players to make difficult choices, coordination and strategic thinking at both a faction and regional level. Let's take a look at  SCREAM 's backstory, game loop, and structure.

🍏   OVERVIEW——  SCREAM 's background

A secret conflict is taking place in the universe of  SCREAM  due to legends revealed. While the Peace Treaty has officially entered into force, three factions of guilds have deployed their fleets across the galaxy in an attempt to " integrate " the disparate systems into their factions, creating so-called medium-risk areas.

Although these factions claim that they are not involved in any war activity, the  MUD , ONI  and  Ustur DAC  invasions have been witnessed in nearby systems. Additionally, DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations / Guilds) are building huge systems called Starbases that the populace sees as a means of political domination.

This has turned into a conflict with the political forces that rule these worlds.   Factions like Jorvik and ECOS did not take this invasion calmly, and the conflict spread like wildfire. There are even reports of DACs from different factions clashing with each other.  

The situation is getting worse day by day. First, many interplanetary bases are pushing to bring "advancements" to adjacent systems. Planets that were once immune to factions are now running out of resources to lubricate the war machine. Finally, there are rumors that Atlas is secretly flowing from factions to  DACs for them.

The Peace Council is externally pressured by factions and internally by its political parties. Everyone in the galaxy is holding their breath, waiting for what happens next.

The gears of fate are turning, and over time, some familiar faces will be drawn into events that will change Star Atlas history forever...

🍏  SCREAM macro game logic - galaxy faction system governance

All in all, SCREAM  is about ruling different star systems to acquire various resources for the benefit of the faction.

At the heart of the game are starbases. Starbases are economic and politically supported structures that allow a faction to control a given star system. The higher the level of the star base, the more control the faction has in the system.

Greater integration of power from higher-level star bases enables members of the dominant faction to harvest planetary resources far from the center of the system.

Economically, the interplanetary base will serve as a repository for harvested materials. As the base is upgraded, players will be able to use it to trade and craft refined materials, creating a wider and more complex space infrastructure to support their factions in outer space.

In this sense, the creation, upgrade, attack, and defense of starbases are all critical to the faction.  Star Atlas  's  DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations/Guilds) as well, as this represents a faction's mastery of the galaxy.

The coordination of these events, along with the logistics of resource gathering and supply routes, forms the heart of the  SCREAM  game loop.

🍏  SCREAM  Macro environment game mechanics

If the interstellar bases ( starbases ) are the cornerstones of   SCREAM , then the environment of the galaxy is the foundation of the game. Each star system will consist of planets scattered across the star system. Each is unique and possesses different properties that determine the material that can be obtained from it and its overall utility in the galaxy economy.

Since starbase construction and defense is a daunting task that requires players to devote a lot of resources and human coordination, they must consider how conquering the above systems will affect their faction agenda on a political and economic level. Therefore, players should analyze the planets present in each system.

In  SCREAM , more than two dozen resources will be scattered among planets throughout the galaxy. They will follow a logic of rarity and location, which means that some resources may be more common than others somewhere in the universe.

All of these resources will provide utility in the game for factions and players on their way to conquer the stars. We expect factions to mobilize to secure rare resources and materials found in the depths of space.

Watch out for those deep space expeditions. You can be careless and find yourself out of fuel and no way out.

🍏  Aspects of Gameplay - Exploring the Logic

Let's discuss some of the mechanics of  SCRREAM .  

The first and most prominent aspect of game logic is that when you play, you consume resources. Your fleet needs flight fuel, repairing damaged toolboxes, ammunition to fight, and food for the crew.

The acquisition of these resources will take place through the game loop. This means that players will forever be fighting two silent enemies: maintenance cost, and opportunity cost - something new unique to SCREAM .

The cost of maintaining a ship may outweigh the benefits of the ship itself, and the player's contribution to the faction and overall choice in the game will determine whether it will make a profit or loss in the galaxy adventure.

Nothing can guarantee that your SCREAM  expedition will be a success. Without labor there is no reward. You'll meet many galaxy citizens who aren't satisfied with  DACs attacking their territories, as well as players from other factions fighting to achieve the same goals.

Remember, there can only be one winner per battle. Therefore, using available information to make the best choices and coordinating  DAC  members is an important aspect of the SCREAM game.

Don't expect to conquer the star base on your own.

This brings us to the next topic: how will players unite to defend their faction and spread power? It all starts with the hangar.

🍏  all aspects of gameplay - hangars and loyalty

Every player who chooses to venture in  SCREAM  will start from a hangar in their faction safe zone.  

The hangar is a key area in  SCREAM , the number of hangars the player has determines the number and level of ships the player can play with.

The hangar has a layered structure, so the higher the level of the hangar, the larger the ships it can accommodate.

This is where things get interesting.

You will need to play the game in an effort to get hangars in order to deploy certain types of ships into the game, like the Titans. Also, players cannot use Atlas to purchase new hangars.

Because base space is limited, the three factions are very sensitive to who gets the new hangar. Only those who have proven themselves will be allowed to expand their fleet by acquiring new hangars.  

In other words, you'll gain the privilege of playing consistently and meaningfully, gaining new space in  SCREAM  for your fleet to safeguard your faction's interests.

In-game events will bring recognition to your faction. You need to work on this to be successful in  SCRREAM .

Your status in the faction is measurable, and in addition to helping expand the fleet, it will be used to calculate rewards for the services you provide on behalf of the faction in  SCREAM  and other in-game mechanics.

Rewards will be distributed to members who participate in the   SCREAM  war on an epoch basis. Once an epoch is over, the faction will distribute a portion of that epoch's earnings among the players served. Your rewards will be proportional to the value you bring to the faction through your fleet actions.

In other words, there is no gain without added value. There is no glory without adventure.  SCREAM  fully embodies the principles of the Star Atlas metaverse pursuit.

🍏  Aspects of Gameplay--Fleet and Experience--nbsp ;

Everything in SCREAM  revolves around playing this game. Therefore, the effort you put into the game will reflect your experience in the system.

Your progression up the experience ladder will allow you to control more of your fleet. This feature adds a key element to the complexity of SCREAM gameplay. In later levels, this will allow you to have multiple fleets in different locations in the galaxy at the same time.

This is especially important given SCREAM 's faction-based worldview layout. As a result, war will be fought on many different fronts, requiring players and factions to spread out their armies and fleets through multiple systems, and make difficult choices when choosing where and when to engage enemy forces.

Also, experience has other uses in  SCREAM . Another effect of it is that it increases the speed at which you accumulate loyalty with your faction.

The more experienced your pilots are, the more your feats will affect your faction, which will affect every activity that benefits your prestige, such as your epoch gain and all the other features mentioned above.

🍏  SCREAM  as a multiplayer blockchain native game experience

SCREAM  is unique to  Star Atlas--nbsp ; in many ways. Particularly proud of its blockchain features and multiplayer aspects, which set the stage for a full game release.

Most of the game's functions will be executed and solved on the blockchain, from attacking star bases to harvesting resources and even the location of your fleet. Every game logic with economic impact will be protected on-chain

This takes transparency, one of the core values ​​of the game, to a whole new level. Everything that happens in the game will be available for immediate review by everyone around the world.

Another feature we particularly like is the multiplayer aspect of the game. In  SCREAM , you can organically cooperate with players of your faction to achieve in-game objectives.

By coordinating with your guild members and your entire faction, you'll be able to reach new heights of efficiency and success.  SCREAM  Mainly for multiplayer cooperation.

🍏  Next step planning

Even at the macro level, there is still a lot to disclose about  SCREAM . Combat logistics, upgrade systems, crafting possibilities, etc. will be discussed in future articles. In the meantime, we'll delve into the details of each unique feature that  SCRREAM  offers.

I hope the above information can give you a general understanding of  SCREAM . We will continue to share updates as the project continues to take shape.

Now, let's take a look at what  Punaab Whisper  brings us in this release.


Star Citizens! This is the latest issue of Punaab Whisper featuring one of the most popular urban legends in the galaxy today: the Wandering Caravan!

Intrepid journalists have traveled throughout the mid-risk region in search of this well-known group of artists, which is said to have popped up seemingly out of nowhere - performing all the time on various planets and space stations in the galaxy.

Kids across the galaxy have dreamed of watching the group show, which has been described as "ethereal". Oddly, a single performance was never recorded, adding even more mystery to the troupe's existence.

After truth seeker Lowbie traveled through many star systems, we have yet to find any solid evidence of their activity.

Nonetheless, we managed to get hold of a book published after the Great War from an antiquities dealer with details on the itinerant group:

wandering caravan

In the MUD language, the Wandering Caravan is a legendary group of artists who come together during the Great War to perform in different regions of the universe.

Where the Wandering Caravan stops, its performances are always jaw-dropping, full of captivating performances and stories from all corners of the universe. The epic performance is said to even reshape the audience's understanding of the limits of reality.

The caravan is always made up of 33 different artists wearing 33 different masks. Each artist is constantly developing disciples, following the oath that the show must always go on. These artists come from all races in the universe, and the recruitment process is unknown.

The caravan has no home of its own, and is always wandering with the torrent of the universe. However, some experts speculate that they have a hidden but still unknown motive.

Because, at the peak of the big battle, the caravan suddenly seemed to fall from the sky, capturing the hearts of everyone with their skilled skills.

Those lucky few who have witnessed more than one caravan show say no two shows are alike.

As always, dear readers, it's up to you to decide whether this is fact or myth. Punaab Whisper is focused on presenting the facts to our community, allowing everyone to draw their own conclusions!  

Thank you all for your support and hope to see you in the next installment, when we will explore one of the most bizarre and nearly extinct plants, which is said to have a very special property. So keep your eyes open and have a good day!

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