Ethereum-Powered NFT Game Parallel Launches on Epic Games Store, Expands Player Base

Ethereum NFT Card Battler 'Parallel' Launches on Epic Games Store - Decrypt




Discover the latest developments in the NFT-driven card game, Parallel, now available on Epic Games Store, and learn how it is revolutionizing competitive gaming.


Parallel Launches on Epic Games Store


Parallel, an innovative NFT-driven card game built on Ethereum, debuted on Wednesday through the Epic Games Store, potentially reaching a significantly larger audience.




Epic Games Store: A Major Platform for Gamers


The Epic Games Store, a leading PC gaming marketplace, recorded 270 million users by the end of 2023, with about 75 million active users each month. Known for games like Fortnite and Rocket League, Epic Games Store features titles from a variety of studios, broadening its appeal and reach.



Parallel’s Expanding Reach


Parallel, celebrated as GG’s Game of the Year for 2023, increased its accessibility earlier this year with an open beta release, following an initial closed beta phase. The game integrates NFTs minted on Ethereum and the layer-2 scaling network Base, although it also includes non-tokenized in-game cards. Players can download this free-to-play game from the Epic Games Store and unlock five additional “Apparition Packs” containing non-NFT cards.



Embracing New Platforms and Competitive Play


Beyond broadening access to players, including plans for a mobile version, Parallel Studios has ambitious plans for the title. The studio recently secured $35 million in funding in March and launched the Parallel Planetfall expansion. They are also enhancing the game’s competitive scene with the introduction of the Parallel League, boasting prize pools exceeding $500,000 for its inaugural year.



Future Prospects and Esports Expansion


Franklin Fitch, Head of Partnerships, expressed enthusiasm for the future, stating, “Parallel going live on Epic opens us up to millions more players worldwide. But we don’t plan to stop there. As we roll out more ways to access and play Parallel, we also plan to scale our competitive prize pool into millions of dollars next year.” This statement underscores the studio’s commitment to growing the game’s community and competitive ecosystem.



Parallel Studios Diversifies its Portfolio


Parallel Studios isn’t stopping at Parallel. They are also developing Colony, a generative AI-driven simulation game built on the Solana blockchain. This diversifies their portfolio and showcases their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies in game development.





The launch of Parallel on the Epic Games Store signifies a major milestone for the game and its developers. With expanded access, robust funding, and ambitious plans for the future, Parallel is poised to make a significant impact on the NFT and competitive gaming landscapes. As the game continues to evolve, players and enthusiasts alike can look forward to exciting developments and a thriving competitive scene.

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