NFL Rivals surpasses $1 million monthly NFT trading volume for the first time

Mythical Games




Five days faster than the period of time it took to accumulate the last $1 million-worth of NFT trading volume, NFL Rivals has broken $6 million in lifetime trading volume.


According to data from Cryptoslam, it took 32 days for the mobile sports game to move from $4 million to $5 million and 27 days to move from $5 million to $6 milllion, demonstrating an acceleration of activity, despite American Football being in its off-season until the 2025 season starts on 5th September.





This progress is also demonstrated when looking at the game’s monthly NFT trading volume, which hit an all-time-high in May of over $1 million, including a daily high of $82,000 on 30th May.


If the current daily runrate is maintained, June will surpass May’s total by 10%.





Mythical Games’ recently said NFL Rivals has been downloaded from Apple and Google app stores more than 5 million times, making it one of the most popular blockchain games.


However, the percentage of active wallets driving the NFT trading is much smaller.


During May, there were only 19,602 unique active wallets: every player in NFL Rivals gets a custodial blockchain wallet created for them when they first log into the game, but only those creating and trading NFTs during the month are counted as being active.


One reason for the recent growth in NFT trading is likely to be the launch of the Quick Trades feature, which allows players to bundle up unwanted NFTs to buy more expensive assets, with the difference in price being refunded in the game’s NFT-based non-crypto Credits currency.


More analysis on the game is provided in the video below.

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