Return of GameFi: Crypto's Favorite Projects Reemerge Amid Bitcoin Rally




GameFi projects are back in the spotlight, reigniting interest as Bitcoin pushes towards unprecedented levels. This resurgence brings a promising era for a sector that previously dominated the crypto market.



Impact of the launch of Guild of Guardians


Immutable, an Ethereum Web3 gaming studio, revealed on May 15 the long-awaited release of its premier title, Guild of Guardians, now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


In this immersive experience, players plunge into Elderym, a realm teetering on the edge of destruction by the malevolent Dread.


The mission is straightforward but daunting: assemble a formidable team of Guardians and conquer a series of dungeons and bosses. Success brings not only glory but also rewards in the form of GOG tokens.


Chris Clay, the director at Immutable Games, shared insights into the development journey, emphasizing the past 15 months as a whirlwind of foundational efforts for a universe they’ve just started to expand.


To mark the game’s debut, the developers have generously allocated $1 million in GOG tokens along with a variety of hero NFTs, enhancing the appeal for early adopters.


Elsewhere in the GameFi cosmos, Animoca Brands Japan disclosed on April 22 its collaboration with the legendary Square Enix. This partnership is set to develop Square Enix’s NFT-centric hero game, Symbiogenesis.


Animoca will leverage its vast expertise in taking Japanese projects global, handling worldwide NFT sales and marketing, and facilitating partnerships within its extensive network.


Symbiogenesis offers players a chance to explore a shattered high fantasy world, solve intricate puzzles, and navigate missions that delve into monopoly and distribution, all through its 10,000 unique NFT characters that double as personal profile pictures.



GameFi sees dynamic growth across the board


The action RPG Seraph: In the Darkness, noted for its dark fantasy elements and built on the Arbitrum platform by Seraph Studio, has seen notable success, surpassing sales of over 11,000 Ether.


The game, which incorporates a rich assortment of heroes, in-game equipment, and priority passes among its NFT offerings, is in its preseason phase but continues to evolve and attract players.


On another front, Pixels, a casual Web3 game that offers endless farming and exploration opportunities, reported over 1 million daily active users as of May 13.


The past month alone has seen the game generate $4.4 million in token revenue from VIP subscriptions and in-game transactions.


Following its transition to the Ronin gaming blockchain and a token listing on Binance in February, Pixels has reached a valuation of $2.7 billion.


This new wave of GameFi projects marks a stark contrast to the previous bull market cycle dominated by the likes of Axie Infinity. Once a giant in the GameFi world, Axie Infinity, known for its fantasy monster battles, has seen a significant drop in its user base from 2.7 million monthly players to just 342,353.


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