NFT Drop: Upcoming Projects for This Week (19–26 Apr)



At P2E Game, It is our mission to bring you the latest info about play-to-earn and NFT projects. We publish an article about promising NFT projects every week!


You can find detailed info about the projects from our platform.


Here are our picks for this week:



Project Name: MoonTouch

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Apr 19

Mint Price: 0.005 (Supply 2700) 

Twitter Followers: 146.0K

Discord Members: 79.9K


Why did we pick it?

Moontouch is a project that definitely deserves your attention for this week.


Moontouch is the first Japanese anime-styled, free-to-play Web3 game on Arbitrum One. The game is supported by leading platforms like Arbitrum and Longling Capital, and it’s set to launch its Genesis NFT on Ethereum this April.


What sets Moontouch apart from other NFT projects is its unique concept. 


The game is inspired by Pokemon Go, SpaceX, and Voyager 1. Players will be able to explore a world that’s affected by their real-life movements. Every step players take on Earth will have an impact on the Moon Touch world. Moreover, players who search for clues to obtain treasures in the Moon Touch world will also be given surprises in real life.


Moontouch has already closed its Genesis Mint 1 for 300 early supporters on Arbitrum. Now, the project is open to Genesis Mint 2 on Ethereum. The total supply is 2700, and it’s whitelist mint only on a first-come, first-serve basis. The mint cost is 0.005e + gas, and the host chain is Ethereum.


Moontouch’s unique concept and execution make it an exciting project to watch. With the support of leading platforms and investors, it might make a impact in the NFT space. 




Project Name: Planet Era 

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Apr 19

Mint Price: 0.1 Eth (Supply 6000)

Twitter Followers: 59.0K

Discord Members: 37.5K


Why did we pick it?

Set on a distant planet called ERA, this project features three distinct species — the Alphas, Omegas, and NONs — each with their own unique abilities and attributes that help them thrive in their environment. 


Embark on an epic journey alongside these creatures and reap the rewards of their riveting tale.


ERA is currently in Phase 3 of its minting process, with public mints available for 0.12 ETH. However, if you act fast, you can still get in on the action during Phase 1 or Phase 2, where allowlist and waitlist mints are available for 0.1 ETH during two-hour periods.


This project promises adventure, excitement, and the chance to own a piece of a unique cyberpunk world, and deffinetly worth considering it!




Project Name: Last Remains

Chain: Polygon

Mint Date: Apr 20

Mint Price: Free Mint (Supply 8888) 

Twitter Followers: 19.6K

Discord Members: 6.7K


Why did we pick it?

This game is designed to immerse players in a zombie apocalypse where they must survive, search for resources, and compete with other survivors in search of rescue. 


The first map of the game will be in the city of Chongqing, China, and players will have to navigate the world on foot, with endurance severely constrained. 


The game features characters that are assigned a rarity grade and come with professions and special abilities. The characters are NFTs that can be minted with random variance of rarity on-chain at around US$30 and pegged to USD value.


In order to win the game, players must be one of the first three survivors to reach the helicopter. 


As players progress, they will be able to take risks by entering buildings to search for water, food, equipment, weapons, and skins. Skins are cosmetic NFTs that may be strategically equipped with a single in-game advantage and disadvantage.


The game has an innovative tokenomics structure, including a simple utility token used for upgrades, exclusive esports competitions, and marketplace discounts. Additionally, 50% of all revenue that Last Remains makes will be redistributed as esports rewards.


There are three types of character NFTs: Free to Play mode, Character NFTs, and Genesis Character NFTs. 


Free to Play mode does not require a wallet and is not limited to the equipment skin (NFT) players can collect per day, although all skins collected are soul-bound and cannot be transferred or sold on marketplaces. 


Character NFTs have a 60-day gameplay limit, but there is no limit to the number of equipment skins (NFT) players can take when they are rescued. All skins collected are not soul-bound and can be transferred or sold on marketplaces. Genesis Character NFTs have a lifetime pass with no gameplay limit and unlimited equipment skin mints.


Players can select a number of No Grade characters to play for free in the game. These characters do not require the creation of a wallet, and players can loot one skin per day, which can be minted into the web3 economy for free if they so choose. These skins can be clothing or equipment found from various sources on the map.


Overall, Last Remains offers an exciting gameplay experience with an innovative tokenomics structure and three types of character NFTs.



Project Name: Visionary | By Dain Yoon

Chain: Ethereum

Mint Date: Apr 26

Mint Price: 0.029 Eth (Supply 3999) 

Twitter Followers: 141.8K

Discord Members: 52.0K


Why did we pick it?

Visionary should be at the top of your watchlist for this week. 


Created by Dain Yoon, a world-renowned fine artist based in New York City, Visionary is a unique and exciting addition to the world of generative art.


Dain Yoon is known for her stunning illusion paintings that use her skin as a canvas, exploring the many ways to express a person’s diversity. Her artwork has gained worldwide recognition and acclaim, with collaborations with leading brands such as Apple, adidas Originals, and Netflix, and exhibitions at prominent museums and galleries including the Tate Modern Museum and Seoul Arts Center.


As one of SuperNormal’s incubation artists, Dain Yoon has taken her art to the next level with Visionary, using generative AI technology to create over 200 specially hand-drawn traits. This innovative approach to art makes her an exciting addition to the SuperNormal community, and we can’t wait to see what she will create next.


With her unique style and innovative approach to art, she is sure to capture your attention and inspire your imagination.

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