NFT Marketplace SudoSwap Rewards Liquidity Providers & 0xmon Holders with Airdropped Tokens

It's time >s<


$SUDO governance will be launched later today, along with the lockdrop and airdrop.


SUDO is initially non-transferable. Transferability can be enabled by a standard governance vote.


Read below for more details:



SUDO governs the sudoAMM protocol using an on-chain OpenZeppelin Governor module.


Via on-chain proposals, holders can vote on adjusting: -the fee switch -the addition of new routers -pool whitelisting of external contracts -the addition of new bonding curves


Addresses with a minimum of 300K SUDO delegated can create on-chain proposals to the governance module. After a voting delay of 2 days and a voting period of 3 days, proposals with at least 2.4M SUDO and a majority of supporting votes can be executed.


As an indication of their intent to participate in sudoAMM governance, $XMON holders are able to lock their tokens for a period of 1 month (reduced from 3 months) measured from the deployment of the contracts. Lockers will then receive 10,000 SUDO per XMON.




Airdrop details: Early trade pool sudoAMM LPs and 0xmons NFT holders (before snapshot dates) are also eligible for a SUDO airdrop.



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