Avatar Holder Special Events in Alpha Season 3

Avatar Holder Special Events in Alpha Season 3


NFT collection holders will receive special access and rewards in the metaverse.


Avatar collection holders are special citizens of the metaverse. As such, The Sandbox is opening up exclusive access and rewards for the holders of seven collections such as the Doggies, BAYC, and World of Women in Alpha Season 3! Read on for details…



To reward avatar owners, The Sandbox is creating a series of special events during Alpha Season 3. Owners of seven avatar collections will each get one week of exclusive access to a selected experience. During this week, all owners will have the chance to play with fellow holders. All you need to do ensure your avatar is in the wallet associated with your Sandbox account and have fun! Check below for more details.


Avatar Event Schedule

Here’s an overview of the schedule for each of the seven collections. Each collection points to the appropriate experience in AS3 with one week of exclusive access before the experience is publicly available. Make note of the weeks that apply to the collection(s) you own, and be sure to log in and play during that week to complete at least one quest in the appropriate experience!


Read on to see which collections are eligible, which experience is exclusively open for a week for each collection, and what the schedule is for each avatar collection.

A snapshot will be taken at 1PM UTC at the end of each event.

It’s pretty simple, right? Own at least one avatar from the collection, play the experience during the week of exclusive access and complete at least one quest, and then wait for SAND to appear in your wallet. Sweet!


Below is a recap of the rewards you can earn as a holder:

Please note that owning several avatars from the same collection will not multiply your rewards.



TIP: The more collections you own, the more times you can win SAND during the events!

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